Big Baby Changing Station – RECOLOR

Big Baby Changing Station - RECOLORSign-ups for Tak’s new recolor, the Big Baby Changing Station!

This recolor comes with a full and detailed background. It comes fully colored and shaded and can be modified to match your character.

This can be drawn to any species and gender!

WINGS: I can add in wings…but you’d be laying on most of them.

What I will edit:
– The plushie
– Face (muzzle, ears, nose, hair)
– Species (tail, addition of scales or feathers)
– Foot

What I will not edit or draw in:
– Diaper patterns (sorry guys, no patterns for this one please)
– Age
– Body Type
– Pose
– Major modifications
– Taurs

Versions that you can order




Exposed & Wet


This recolor is $40 and includes one version: dry, wet, messy, or exposed (sheath with tip, or puss).

Each extra version is $5, or $10 for all three others. So if you want all FOUR it’s $50

Want an exposed ~naughty~ version (boner/chastity, or toy for the females~)? $10+

If you wont to place an RECOLOR order on this Big Baby Changing Station whit your on character? then you should click on the link below.

But remember Tak expect it is going to be allot of babyfur that is going to order this so it can tack sometime before you receive your order.

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