Snuggies Waddler At

I have some weary good news the Snuggies Waddler diaper is now available on


The Snuggies Waddler is a Adult Diaper with Baby Print over the entire Diaper.
With 2 extra large resealable tapes on both sides and tape landing zone, upstanding anti-leak protection and elastic bands on front and rear for an excellent fit.
The plastic is smooth and soft to avoid irritation.


Absorbency approximately 2000ml (67oz)
Content pack: 10
Medium = 71,1cm (28″) – 91,4cm (36″)
Large = 91,4cm (36″) – 121,9cm (48″)


You can order the Snuggies Waddler here and if you wont to try it you can order a sample here.

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