An unforgettable dream! (Gift art)

An unforgettable dream! (Gift art)As we all know, little Foxy loves his plushie named Pikachu!

“We are inseparable!” said Foxy at bedtime!

Several minutes later, Foxy was sound asleep, cuddling with his beloved Pikachu!

While Foxy was sleeping, he had a beautiful dream!He dreamed that the real Pikachu was visiting!Foxy couldn’t say anything, he just grabbed him with his paws and hugged him for a long time!

Upon awakening, Foxy took his Pikachu plushie and said:”You are very special to me, my Pikachu!”

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by nelson88


I would like to thank nelson88 and Victor for this nice gift. This is really me.

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