Back to the diapers!

Back to the diapers!One Sunday afternoon, Matt and  grandpa Richard were talking about many things, including when Matt was just a pup!

Feeling somewhat nostalgic for the past, Richard offered to his son Matt ,a  good cup of coffee … but this coffee had a very special ingredient!

And that “special ingredient” transformed Matt into a pup!

Grandpa Richard with a big grin said:”My Matt is a baby again and this certificate will proves it! You’ll be a baby for several days, oh Matt…my little puppy looks so cute wearing denim diapers!”

I am sure that grandpa Richard doesn’t feel nostalgic already!*giggling*

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Aww poor Matt it seems like he is back as a cute little baby again sucking his pacifier and wearing his cute poofy diaper.

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