Big Brothers Get Spanked Too

Big Brothers Get Spanked TooIt was a sunny Spring day and the boys were getting restless in the house. Dad was stick watching both boys while Mom went to go get a haircut. Being that it was a nice day Mike decided that it would be a waste for them to all be stuck in the house. So Mike sent Kyle and Caiden outside to go play. Since Caiden was too young to be outside unsupervised, Mike went outside to watch/play with Caiden while Kyle did his own thing.

“I’m gonna go and practice hitting the baseball in the front yard dad, OK?” shouted Kyle to his father while Mike was rolling a bouncy ball back and forward with Caiden.

“OK son, but stay far enough away from the house and cars please.” reminded Mike

“Yea yea…have fun with stinkybutt!” teased the older brother

Mike was about to correct Kyle but he was already gone. He shrugged it off and continued to play with Caiden

Kyle is Caiden’s older brother and as always happens, little Caiden is always the subject of jokes and pranks from his big brother.

Kyle was hitting the ball towards the open field like he was supposed to for a while. He was practicing for Spring baseball and wanted to make the team this year. Then he had the idea that if he practiced hitting the ball over the house, that he could hit home runs. The first ball that he hit went wide right of the house. The second one hit the house but only the bricks. The third ball was a good hit! It went high and deep….but not deep enough. I landed through the second story bedroom. Which just happened to be Kyle’s room.

Mike ran around to the front of the house while carrying Caiden to see what happened. He arrived to see Kyle standing close to the house with a broken window. Caiden saw the same thing.

“OOooo…you’re in twouble…” commented Caiden as his brother glared at him

“Hush you.” said Mike to Caiden as he turned his attention to Kyle, “Young man, what did I tell you about hitting the ball this close to the house?”

“To not to…”answered Kyle remorsefully

“And did you?” asked Mike

“No sir.” replied Kyle

“That’s what I thought, go to your room and stand in the corner. I’ll be there in a moment to deal with you.” commanded Mike

Kyle quickly rushed to his room and put his nose in the corner. Since Caiden was such a curious and rambunctious toddler, Mike didn’t want to leave him alone so he brought Caiden with him upstairs to Kyle’s room. When they got up there Mike say Caiden on the chair and Mike sat on the bed.

“Young man come here.” said Mike sternly to Kyle

Kyle went over to his father.

“Kyle do you know how much this repair is going to cost?” asked Mike

“No sir.” answered Kyle

“Well I don’t either, but I bet that you don’t have enough money in your piggy bank do you?” inquired Mike

“No I probably don’t.” said Kyle

“Exactly so who do you think is going to pay for this?” asked Mike

“Me, I guess….but it was an accident paw!” pleaded Kyle

Mike put his hand on his shoulder, “I know it was son, and that’s why I’m going to pay for it.”

“Phew, thanks pop.” said Kyle

“Don’t thank me yet son. We still haven’t talked about you disobeying me.” reminded Mike as he pulled down Kyle’s pants and underwear

“B-but dad! Caiden will see my butt!” cried Kyle as Caiden picked up Kyle’s MP3 player and earphones, “…And he’s touching my stuff!”

“Caiden’s not hurting your stuff and you can share. Who cares if he sees your butt. You see his almost everyday with his diaper changes and bath times. Not to mention all the spankings that he gets also. Now bend over.” instructed Mike as he pulled Kyle over his lap

“Please Dad, I’ll never do it again. Please don’t spank me!” cried Kyle

“I’m sure that you won’t, but you should have thought of that before you disobeyed me.” replied Mike as he started to spank Kyles bare butt

After a good sound spanking Kyle was put in time out with his bright red butt showing.

And as you can see and as the title says, “Big brothers gets spanked too,” Kyle paid… or rather his little bottom… the consequences of his mistake!

That day Caiden saw that even big brothers make mistakes as well.

***It’s a celebration day for little Caiden, at least this time his little bottom is safe from a spankings … but for how long?***

Art and Story idea by Nelson88

Full story by tugscarebear


It look like Caiden is not the only one that need to learn to behave in the right way.

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