Trouble Part 2

Trouble Part 2So I guess fibbing and blaming Kayote for painting on the wall was not the greatest of ideas. I’m sure the mess didn’t help either. Needless to say, his diaper was ripped off and the wooden spoon had a long conversation with Caiden.

“No Kay! Oinges dun make my tush feels better!” said Caiden to Kayote while he was rethinking his life.

Caiden and text: tugscarebear

Draw by: Kayote


Poor Caiden it look like he have end up in the time out corner sitting on a hard chair now when he have a weary toasted butt. I bet that most hurt allot to dont have anything soft between the butt and the chair now.

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  1. Poor Caiden. Hopefully, he’ll know better than to lie and blame others for his doings. I’ve been there a lot when I was little.

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