Third Time is the Charm *Extended Version*

Third Time is the Charm *Extended Version*This is the continuation of the Third Time is the Charm picture and story here:

After Caiden got spanked by his caretaker over his knee on Caiden’s wet diaper, Caiden was still reluctant and whining that he didn’t want to wear the diaper.

“I dun wanna wear a diapee….Dey’re yucky an stupid!” whined the little five year old

“You should have thought of that before you ignored me all day about using the potty. Now you have to face the consequences.” explained the caretaker calmly

“I dun wanna wear it! I dun wanna wear it!!” shouted Caiden as he started to throw a temper tantrum

“Young man you’d better stop this right now, or you’re going to need that diaper for more than just relieveing yourself.” warned the caretaker

Of course Caiden didn’t listen to the caretakers warning and escalated to a full on temper tantrum by throwing himself on the ground and crying about not wanting to wear a diaper.

The caretaker calmly went over to Caiden, picked him up, pulled him over his lap, untapped his diaper, and began to spank him yet again.

“After we’re done with this discussion I’m sure you won’t mind wearing your diaper at all.” said the Caretaker as he gave Caiden a sound whoopin’

Art by Nelson88

Caiden: tugscarebear


It looks like Caiden bottom is going to get toasted one more time now. I bet it hurts more this time when he dont wear any diaper that absorb the most of the spanking.

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2 thoughts on “Third Time is the Charm *Extended Version*”

  1. The problem with little children is that once they throw a tantrum, they don’t know when to quit. And someone needs to let him/her know who’s boss.

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