Waiting for Santa

Waiting for SantaThis Christmas, Kiba had decided to stay awake to see Santa’s arrival!

Kiba:”I’m sure that this time I will see Santa and I will not fall asleep like the last year!”

Then Kiba sat and waited and waited …but within several hours, he began to yawn and his little eyes began to close!

“I’m not sleepy yet!I’m…not…sleepy….yet!I’m…not!”Kiba said!

But as you are seeing, again Kiba couldn’t see Santa’s arrival, but I’m pretty sure that the gift there next to him, will make little Kiba very happy!

Santa:”Merry christmas,little Kiba!”

Lineart by Victor
Story and Coloring done by Nelson88

Cub: onikiba

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/15242182/

aww it look like Kiba was to sleepy after all. Hope he have sweet dreams.

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