Review off the custom made Pikachu plastic pants from snaps4u

Here is the review off the custom made Pikachu plastic pants that i receive this week from snaps4u.


The quality of the pants seems to be weary good when i first examines my new plastic pants. The plastic is weary soft against the skin and when I feel the plastic between my fingers when i investigate the plastic it really feels like a good premium product to wear over the diaper.


The comfort is weary good on this pants. It really make you feel good to wear and it even make you feel more off the baby you are deep inside. And it even increase the feeling of the diaper that you are wearing inside of the pants to feel closer to your private parts and the butt which feels very cozy and secure so you can have a good night sleep or a good day.


The service and the support i have get from the snaps4u is weary good. They are weary helpful when it comes to get the right size and they respond to you question quickly. They are nice and friendly to talk to and they help you in any way they can so you get the product that you wont to have in the way you wont it.






I hope the photos turn out good and that you get a good view off the plastic pants.

Other Information

I have looking for a long time to find a adult baby store that could fix me this plastic pants whit Pikachu print on and it really fells great to finely have it and wear it. It feels really awesome. Many thanks to snaps4u that could fix this for me.

You can visit snaps4u website if you wont to order some custom made cloths they are weary helpful.


For the nice and good support and quality in there product i think they have earn this recommendation from me.

My ABDL Life recommend snaps4u for your custom made adult baby products.

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