Gotta call home…

Gotta call home...
Having to go through several diaper changes a day, eventually the inevitable is gonna happen. The spare pack kept in the nurses office runs out, and the one you’re in threatens to leak… Time to call big sis.
She never seems to mind, but it bugs Terry that he has to bug her like this.

Cub, text and draw by: emeritus_terciel


Yes i agree Terry really need to go and call his big sis so she can come whit some more clean diapers before he starting to leak. And i suggest that he hurry up whit the call special when the diaper seems to make a weary wet sound when he squeezing the wet diaper diaper he is wearing. Hope that his big sis can get there in time before his diaper starting to leak.

Maybe he need to have some thicker diaper during daytime if he needs allot of change.

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