What Goes Up, Must Come Down!

What Goes Up, Must Come Down!Little Caiden was ready to start his day at preschool!But while he was bringing his stuff to classroom, a little and very embarrassing accident had happened to him!
His diaper had fallen to the floor revealing his little bottom totally spanked red!Every kid in the room was watching!

“Oh look miss Bethany, it seems that Caiden was very naughty this morning and was spanked by his mom!”shouted a cub!

Oh poor little Caiden!But unfortunately that’s the law of gravity …What goes up, must come down!^^

Art and story by Nelson88

Cub: tugscarebear

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14988645/

Yes now can every one see that Caiden have been a bad little boy and recently get some spanking on his bar bottom now when it look this toasted. Poor boy it is not so match fun now when all the other cubs knows about that he have been a bad cub. Hope they forgot about it soon.

Hope some teacher can help him to get his diaper back on.

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