Let’s get something straight

Let’s get something straight

Let’s get something straight…

it doesn’t matter how big you are, how tall you are, how grown-up and in-charge everyone else thinks you are…
you’re a baby, and we both know it.

Babies wear diapers.. don’t they sweetheart.
Babies don’t get to make the rules
babies don’t get to decide what happens to them.

Tonight you’re a baby.
Tonight I’m going to do whatever I want to you.
Babies aren’t big and strong.
Babies aren’t in charge.
Babies need their diapers, don’t they baby..?

Don’t cry sweetheart… Mommy’s here
It’ll be ok, so don’t worry your silly little head.
Mommy knows what you need.

Mommy’s going to make you feel all better …


This is some good text and the photo fits good to it. The text and photo comes from princess-lolette tumblr pages.

3 thoughts on “Let’s get something straight”

  1. I agree. I just don’t know where I can find someone near where I live. I’d ask my mom, but I doubt that she’d be willing to diaper me.

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