Foxys bad tummy

Embarrassed abdl86 messy smallFoxy was visiting some babyfur friends this day when his tummy suddenly starting to feel weird and bubbling and Foxy know his tummy weary well so he figured out right away what is going to happen pretty soon.

He pretend to play whit something on the floor and slowly starting to push and before he could try to slow it down so it dont should make so match noise. It all end up in his diaper whit a big loudly sound together whit a big fart.

He slowly turn his head around to she if someone notes. And yes every body that was in the room understand right away what Foxy had don in his diaper. It was easy to understand from the brown color the back off his diaper had and from the smell. Foxy felt so embarrassed over his big loudly accident.

But soon they starting to laugh at Foxy blushing face and they sad it is nothing to worry about Foxy we all end up whit a messy diaper it is completely normal for a baby like you and me to have messy diapers sometime.

And soon after that some other babyfurs in the room join the messy diaper club :)

Draw by: yuniwolfsky

Embarrassed abdl86 Wet1 smallHere is a wet version off the drawing right before Foxy messy the diaper.

Draw by the same person.


Here is a clean version and it is draw by the same person.

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