The scared pups!

The scared pups!Those pups think they can scare the boss,wearing masks and saying “boo”!But the boss was ready and he had a little surprise for them!

The boss:”Look what I have for both of you!Say hello to Mr. Spanky!Which one of you wants to be on my lap?BOOOO!”

When the twins saw the spanking paddle, they ran scared!

I think to hear the boss saying:”Those pups have received the scare of their lives!I’m pretty sure that Matt will need to change those pup’s diapers ,I think must be loaded by the scare!-*giggling*”

***HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE(Be careful when you go out to trick or treat!)***

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by: nelson88

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Yes i can understand that the pup get scared when they thought they should get spanked for the the Boo thing.

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