Sleepover mayhem!

Sleepover mayhem!The boss had bought two pairs of pajamas for Remi and Sammy, but also he bought an extra one for any of the twins friends!

The boss:”I bought an extra pajama, because both of you have behaved really well this week, I’ve decided that each of you can do a sleepover party and can invite one of your friends!I called Matt by phone, because as you know he is on a business trip and he is totally agree with this sleepover!”

The pups jumped with joy and immediately decided to invite little Caiden, to the sleepover!

When night came and they were ready to go to sleep,suddenly,Sammy took his pillow and started a pillow fight!Sammy and Remi’s room was filled with feathers everywhere…oh-oh when suddenly the boss came in and said:
“What happened here?”

There was a great silence in the room!

The boss:”I’ll just say I’m going to clean this room and then I will talk with each of you very seriously!”

A little later…

To avoid being punished Sammy said:”You have done an excellent cleaning job in our room!Congratulations,boss!”

Caiden and Remi said in unison:”Shut up silly pup!”

As you can see, each cub received his just desserts!

***The boss is very wise if you realized that those pajamas have drop seats very convenient for access to redden those little bottoms!***^^

Caiden: tugscarebear

Lineart by Victor/colors by: nelson88

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It look like this pajamas party dont end up so well for this three cubs.

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