Pokemon Comic: Diapered Little Lucario

Pokemon Comic: Diapered Little LucarioWell, Lucario was babysitting me for two months, mostly just changing my diapers. When I was occupied watching TV, he snuck into my room and grabbed one of my diapers and put it on. He didn’t realize me open the door. I was going to ask him for a change, and then I saw he was wearing my diapers. He saw me and made a terrified/ nervous look. I smiled, and started friendly teasing him about it. He tried to explain but couldn’t make anything up. Well, turns out he’s not that good at holding his stuff in when he’s nervous, because he made a huge warm mess into his diaper. He looked down to his super messy diaper, then to me. “You totally like it.”
He blushed and looked away, “Shut up…”.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14716797/

Text and drawing bay: Poke-anima

Yes it really look that way that Lucario enjoy wearing diapers to and he seems to use them weary well to like his friend Pikachu do. Now them bout need to have a clean diaper before they starting to leak.

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  1. Yeah. It looks as though Lucario likes wearing diapers. It also looks like he needs a diaper change. The question is:: who will change both their diapers?

  2. Look like lucarino have to change pikachu diaper if. Pikachu asked for training on how to change the diaper lucarino have to teach pikachu diaper correctly and then diaper each other use the new diaper

  3. If pikachu know how to change diaper correctly might change other diaper wearer will he have many wet and messy friends

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