Messy Little Pikachu

Messy Little PikachuThis was before the lab incident. Lucario was going to babysitting me for the summer and didn’t realize what he was getting himself into… About a half an hour after he started, this is how he found me. I was really messy and stinky, which kinda sucked for him because dogs have a strong sense of smell and he gagged when he picked me up. Well, I can tell he’s going to have fun for the next two months.


Draw and text by: Poke-anima

Yes i can really understand Pikachu that he wont to have his diaper change. But i can understand Lucario at the same time to it cannot be so match fun to be force to change this messy and stinky diaper that Pikachu is wearing. But someone need to help him into a clean and dry diaper before he ends up whit a bad diaper rash.

What should you do if you get force to change a stinky messy diaper like this one?

2 thoughts on “Messy Little Pikachu

  1. I’ve changed diapers before. I’ve also had my diapers changed. Wet diapers aren’t that bad, but poopy diapers, Ugh! It has to be done, but dude!

  2. I’d just suck it up and change Pikachu’s diaper. It’s not much fun, but it has to be done. And quit making that face like “ugh! Gross!” :(

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