I am still sick 4-10-2014

It seems to be a very difficult infection that I have received in my throat I cough still quite a lot. Wondering directly when it will be well again in the throat. I was and visited the doctor on Wednesday because I thought I had gotten worse but that was not the case. But she still wrote a medical certificate so that I could be home for another week because I cough whenever I become strained.

But I do not direct to be home because I did not feel sick besides, but it’s still bad to go when you have so easy to cough as I have right now.

I hope it goes over at the beginning of the week so that I can go at the end of next week.

There is unfortunately not much I can do about it but to take it easy and hope the infection go away soon.

English: Diagram of the Human Throat for the T...
English: Diagram of the Human Throat for the Throat article. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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