Time for Foxy to start potty training

Time for Foxy to start potty training
Foxy was sitting on the floor in the living room watching some television and playing whit his toys car. When his mother walk in to the room and notes that Foxy seems to have a weary wet butt. She ask Foxy if he could go to the nursery and get a new clean diaper from the shelf below the changing table. She also mention that he maybe is going to notes something new that she have place in the nursery when he was playing.

Foxy wondering what that new thing could be when he slowly walking to his room. Maybe it could be some new toy for him to play whit. He did dent notes any thing new when he first entry the room but when he was ready to go back to the living room whit the clean diaper he had in his paws he notes some strange new chair whit a hole in the middle. What could this strange thing be he ask himself?

He was so occupied thinking about what this new thing could be that he did dent notes that his mother have entry the room. What did you think of you new potty char Foxy she ask? Potty chair what sort of thing is that? he ask his mother. This is the chair that you should use instead of your poofy thick diapers. You are soon 3 years old and it is time that you learn how to go potty like the big boys do it.

Foxy did dent like this weary match. He love to wear and use his diaper it always make him feel safe and relax.

What is Foxy going to do? Is his mother going to be able to potty train him?

Draw by: wen

7 thoughts on “Time for Foxy to start potty training

  1. If he have weak bladder it’s impossible to training potty

    Weak bladder is quickly urinary no warning need diaper until strong bladder

  2. My bladder control has always been iffy at best. If I’m near a potty I can usually make it in a timely manner, no problem. It’s when I’m nowhere near the toilet when I’m in trouble.

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