EAT Them!

EAT Them!After multiple negotiations and whining Caiden was not having it tonight. After the threat from his mother of no dessert and an early bedtime if he didn’t finish his vegetables, Caiden threw his plate on the ground in protest. An action which he immediately regretted.

Caiden and text by: tugscarebear

Draw by: tailbiter


Yes it is kind of easy to see way Caiden regretted that he trow his plate whit vegetables on the floor. It seems that he have earn himself a red bottom whit help of a massive spanking. I only hope this help him to learn that it is good to do what you mother say and eat your vegetables if you wont to avoid to get spanked.

His mother look weary angry so i think she is going to spank him allot.

2 thoughts on “EAT Them!

  1. Or maybe he’s eaten all he can and is no longer hungry. Still, there’s a better way to express his wish to not eat any more.

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