Way is everybody think that i have a cute diaper butt?

Way is everybody think that i have a cute diaper butt?Pikachu have heard many times from other than his mom that he has a sweet diaper butt. He wonders why everyone thinks so much about it? Is there something special about a diaper butt?

He decided pretty quickly that this is something that he must check up. He walked over to the mirror in the hallway and turned to see his diaper butt in the mirror. But he noticed no thing special about it.

So what is it then that makes everyone want to pat his diaper covered butt? When it dont seems to be any special about it. And some time they say that he need a diaper change because his diaper seems to be weary wet. How can they know that when they are patting my diaper butt?

Draw by: veemonsito

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