Baby boss

Baby boss
Remember when grandpa Richard and the boss turned Matt into a baby? Then Matt decided to use his well-known youth formula and he threw a few drops into his boss’s coffee before going to bed.The result?The next morning, a beautiful little pup was lying on the bed!

Matt!:Oh!My baby boss is already awake!You and I will have a day filled with lots of fun,but first your little blue bottom needs a good bath and later ,a good and fresh diaper too!Look what I got for you! A good bottle with hot milk!You’ll be in my arms all day! I will kissing you and cuddle you too!Until tomorrow…you will be my big boss again!”

Then Matt took the boss in his arms and gave him several soft pats on his little ass and headed to the bathroom …while Richard snuggled into his chest!^.^

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88

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Hope he dont end up having a accident now when he is laying on the bed completely naked whiteout a diaper.

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