Can this be a good combination?

good combinationCan this 3 things be a good combination?

Xbox one and the game Destiny plus one diaper so i can play the game whiteout visiting the potty.

The game and the console was something that i bought today. Or maybe this can be some sort of new pack for us diaper loves and adult babys?

4 thoughts on “Can this be a good combination?”

  1. You may have to get up to stretch your body and move around a bit, but yeah. I think this would be a good combination. Any time you can’t be near a potty to pee, etc. a diaper might be the best thing to have.

  2. Exactly! I wear diapers to work, because even though the restrooms are only a few feet away from where I’m working, they’re more for customers. I’ve never liked public toilets, except to poop. :)

  3. I dont have xbox one yet but I had a day where I did that on xbox 360. It definitely makes me feel childish but It’s fun to be worry free and enjoy a game no distraction. :)

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