I did it!

I did it!Foxy wanted to prove to his mother that he could change his diaper, single-handedly!Just by himself!
“Dear Mommy, this time you will see that I can do it all by myself!” said Foxy

When he finished, a very proud Foxy went straight to his mother and said:
“Mommy! Mommy!I’m a big boy now! I just did it!I changed my diaper and I did it all by myself!”

And his mother said between giggling:
“My little Foxy,where is your your diaper?”

Foxy turned and looked back and saw his diaper lying on the floor and with his little face blushed he said:
“Mommy … help me!”

Draw and text by: nelson88

It look like Foxy still needs help when it comes to diaper change.

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