Dr.Anna and the pups!

Dr.Anna and the pups!In this scene , Sammy and Remi were visiting the doctor!
In this pic, the twins are a little more  younger (some  years ago)and  a little nervous too when they were in the doctor’s office!

Dr.Anna:”Ok pups!Ready for your shots? So bottoms up!”

Remi asked timidly:”That’s gonna hurt don’t you think?”

Dr.Anna:”Just a little!”

And then the pups put a sad faces and little tears began to fall!

And the doctor  quickly said:”Awww!Don’t be afraid and don’t cry,pups!When this is over, I will give each of you a lollipop and a balloon!What you think?”

So the puppies were very happy and so the doctor also then able to finish his work with the twins!

*** Dr. Ana is based on the character from the tv series cartoon titled “Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog”!***

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88

Source: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=666997

For a pup can the visit to the doctor be weary scary special if they going to have shots. Hope they dont end up having a accident now when they dont wear any diapers. But i bet that is something that is normal for a doctor that it can happen when you working whit pups.

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2 thoughts on “Dr.Anna and the pups!”

  1. I’m always nervous when I visit the doctor’s office. Particularly when he/she’s going to have shots given to me. I don’t mind shots, depending on where it’s going to be. The Flu shot isn’t bad, since it’s usually quick, and it’s usually done on the upper arm, towards the shoulder. It’s too bad Remi and Sammy aren’t wearing their diapers. I hope the bench they’re sitting on has a protective cover to keep it clean and dry. :)

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