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i have found some interesting ABDL MP3 files on Mommy Abigail nursery site and decide that this is something that i need to share whit my readers.

This is the MP3 files that she have right now. Not sure if she going to add more lather.

Diaper Changing!

Are you wet?  Oh, yes you are!  And that is ok, cause Mommy Abigail is here to change you!

Mommy Abigail changes your wet diaper after you wake up from your nap.  This MP3 is loving and sweet, and throws in a little counting too!

Aren’t you a little old?

What happens when a college student finds out she is babysitting a high school boys who wears diaper? A lot of diaper humiliation and forced age regression – that’s why! And she calls her girlfriends so they can come over, too! Or else, you know, she can just tell everyone. Lots of laughing, teasing, taunting, and forced baby talking!

Feeding TIme

Is Abie Hungry?  This POV mp3 is full of cuddles, love, kisses and the closeness when Mommy breastfeeds you!

Listen while Mommy undoes her nursing bra, picks you up, and then gently puts her nipple in your mouth.

Potty Monster!

Oh, you think that you don’t need to wear your diapers? Oh, ok! Well, the only think I have to say is that go right ahead – but she does need to warn you about the potty monster!

Mommy doesn’t want you to grow up – and in this MP3, she tells you all about it. Until you wet yourself! And then of course, she changes your diaper.

Because if Mommy doesn’t want you to grow up and out of diapers, you won’t. And if she want’s you to say “Mommy, I am a widdle baby.” Oh, you’ll say that too!


I have order the Potty Monster and it should be weary nice to listening to it and see what it can be any good and i hope it is going to be that.

If you wont to order this MP3 files you can find them here: http://www.abdlnurseryland.com/

It can be a good thing to favorite that site to see if she upload something else that can be a good thing to listening to.

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