Aww So Cute Adult Size Crib

Aww So Cute Adult Size Crib

Adult Size Crib

Aww So Cute has gone above and beyond for it’s customers and created the World’s First and Only “Adult Size Inflatable Crib“. Our adult size crib is a must have item for all adult babies who have ever dream’t of owning a crib but were concerned about the cost and assembley of wooden cribs found online ($1500 + Ouchie). Our adult crib is easy to set up and most importantly “easy to put away and hide”. It is 70 inches long , 52 Inches wide,  the head board is 55 inches tall and the foot board 36 inches tall. This big baby adult crib is comfortable and made of white PVC with an attractive head board logo. Adding that extra element to your AB playtime. All you need is an electric air pump and 8 later minutes and you’re off to slumber town.

This crib is made from a durable .40 mm PVC plastic and weights 12lbs. This is an adorable yet a monsterous sized adult crib way too much fun.

We are confident that our Adult Size Crib will be very popular with all Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers, Age Players, COS Play and AB Role Playing enthusiasts. Your feedback is much appreciated.

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If they decide to do something like this in the end i think its going to be something awesome and something completely new that no one else have.

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