Being cool

Being coolJust being calm and cool

Pichu and text: Pichuboy

Draw by: TaviMunk


Yes Pichuboy look weary cool and special in this nice outfit and the blue diaper butt add something special to the outfit that make him look cool and cute at the same time. Special if you look at him from behind where you easy can see that he is wearing a blue diaper and that he have a weary cute diaper butt that make you wont to pat it allot and say what a cute and cool boy he looks like to be.

Wounder if he going to do something special when he is dress up like this? Or maybe he is going to hang out on some cool place at the kindergarten.

1 thought on “Being cool

  1. It’s difficult to say. He still looks cool in the outfit. I hope the person he’s going to see knows about his need for diapers and diaper changes. )

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