The danger zone!

The danger zone!One day,Sammy and Remi were playing in the living room with the new ball that  was brought  by Matt!While playing, Remi had kicked the ball a little strong and Sammy didn’t know where the ball had fallen!

The ball is behind you!” shouted Remi!

Sammy leaned down and looked  through his legs … but suddenly everyone in the room was laughing!

Sammy:”What?Tell me? What’s so funny?”

Remi:”Your stinky bottom is a danger zone!”

Sammy:”Very funny!You’re so silly!”

Then the boss and  Matt  said:”Your little heart on your diaper is very cute!”

And Sammy’s face blushed!^.^

***The silly joke  was made  by courtesy from Remi!***

Lineart by Victor/colors by : nelson88


Yes the diaper bottom can be a weary dangers zone special if it is messy. But this cub dont seems to have a messy bottom yet his diaper lock nice and clean.

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