Comic: Little grandpa Richard! Part 1 & 2

Little grandpa Richard! Part 1Matt, the boss and Richard, love  to go play bowling!But one thing that bother most   grandpa  Richard is… waiting in the car!Richard decided to get off the car and see why  Matt and Richard were taking so long!
Upon entering the house, Richard saw a delicious cup of coffee and a small sign that read:”For Richard”!

One of the weaknesses of Richard is the aroma of a good cup of coffee!
Without thinking twice, Richard took the cup of coffee on his paws and started  to drinking!


But as you  can see,grandpa  Richard began to change …in  height and size!
Matt and the boss had put  some drops of the  “youth formula” in Richard’s coffee!

Little grandpa Richard! Part 2Matt”And now we’re all going to the  bowling game, and dad,you will  be our official  game mascot ,tonight!”
The boss:”And if you misbehave, mr. Spanky Paddle, will be waiting for you!The good thing about all of this is that when you return to your normal size, you will not gonna remember  what happened to you!”

The boss & Matt:”Sweet  revenge!”

Matt and Richard got a sweet revenge for all the things that Richard did to them!^^

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Yes it really look now that Richard bottom is in the danger zone now and soon going to recive allot of spanking from The boss & Matt. Bet his bottom is going to look weary red and toasted after that.

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