Buster Tees – Lovingly Crafted ABDL T-Shirts


What is Buster Tees?

Buster Tees is a new store dedicated to bringing you unique, nostalgic and adorable embroidered t-shirts for ABDLs. Each design is hand made by our resident artist Buster Bear, who puts love, thought and attention in to every tee.

We hope to bring out new designs at least once a month, and keep our small line-up of tees fresh and interesting.

How can i know when they release a new T-shirt?

Feel free to follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date with new designs.

You can visit Buster Tees here if you wont to check out what type of design they have right now. It going to be nice to follow this site to see what sort of ABDL t-shirt they going to have in the store. I hope it going to be allot of nice t-shirt so i maybe find something that i wont to order.

But for the mean time i wont to help spreed the word about this new abdl store.

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