Time for a new diaper

Time for a new diaperFoxy was playing whit his favorite plushy (His Pikachu). They was playing hide and seek when Foxys mother call for him so she could check his diaper to see if he need a new one now before the nap time. And Foxy was kind of a wet little cub right now so he needed a diaper change right now. But before he end up in the changing mats he crawl to his Pikachu plushy so he could have some cuddling company during the diaper change.

so now is Foxy all ready for a new diaper on the changing mate.

He is looking forward to the nap time so he could cuddling whit his Pikachu in the soft nice crib there he is all safe and happy.

Draw by: fangthefox

2 thoughts on “Time for a new diaper

  1. Awww! He looks so cute when he blushes. While I agree it’s embarrassing when you’re diaper’s wet and needs to be changed, we all know that it’s inevitable. :)

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