Bath Time Spanking

Bath Time SpankingSo yea a bath tub spanking is one of the worst, especially at the hands of a determined spanker like Daddy M. I pretty much always get bath time spankings if A. I make huge waves that overflow the tub and soak the floor. Or B. Splash or squirt a mommy or daddy and laugh about it. I’ll let you guys decide what happened here.

Text and art by crashageplay


Yes a spanking on the bath tub edge most be weary hard even if you have a little towel that make it little softer. But when you receive allot of hard spanking on your naked bottom whit the back of the brush i dont think it help so match.

I hope this boy learn to behave.

1 thought on “Bath Time Spanking

  1. If he was told by mommy and daddy not to splash either one of them, or even both, and he does so anyway, then yeah, I think he deserves a swatting on the bum. The harder, the more painful, the better.

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