The Man and his Baby Boy By Croc Chapter 1 and 2

Author’s Note:


This AB story is that of a lonely rich middle-aged homosexual man seeking his ‘perfect’ young partner. The man is very into the Adult Baby fetish and he seeks out for his very own Adult Baby Boy.

Little did his chosen prey knew that his life is about to turn upside down all for the wrong reasons…and there’s no going back to his old young life…only to accept his new life with his new Daddy.

Enjoy Reading!

*This is my first Gay/Bi man AB story, which use to be titled ‘A Boy’s Best Friend’. I made a mistake in choosing that title for this plot. Never fear, for that title will be the title for my other original AB plot. Sorry for the confusion.*


I’m Terry, an 18-year-old former schoolboy at King Henry IV’s school in Williton, West Somerset.

I have everything going for me: a loving girlfriend: Amy, high-graded GCSE’s and A-Levels for my soon-to-be University life, not forgetting having a highly social life with lots of contacts…and that was the fault of my own downfall…being to wild and social.

One night I had met a stranger; a middle-aged man who wasn’t good looking (like me) just spying and eyeing up on the young men during the nightclub; he came up to me and gave me an offer of a ‘lifetime’.

I rudely refused. He nodded and walked away…being rude to this man was only just the beginning for I was going to be seeing this stranger a lot more often in the future; all for the wrong reasons, which will turn my life upside down…forever…


The beginning of the end…

I had awoken in my double-bed on this late Saturday morning, my beautiful girlfriend Amy is sleeping next to me; all I could do is look down at her. Amy is my rock – the love of my life. She finally wakes up:

“Good morning Terry. Today means it’s no more school life for us both.” – Amy told me with a smile; giving me a kiss.

Amy Kingston: 18-years-old, medium height, short long brunette hair, blue eyes, busty chest and toned ass – the sexiest girl in school.

“You still up for the night club tonight?” – I asked my girlfriend.

“No, I’m babysitting for my sister; some other time. You need to be careful of these nightclubs Terry, there are evil people around: because you are popular; doesn’t mean everyone is going to be nice towards you.” – Amy advised me.

“I’m ready for anything babe; trust me.” – I arrogantly replied.

The both of us got dressed and afterwards went downstairs; my mum was out somewhere, so me and Amy chilled out having our breakfast on this fine late Saturday morning.

Hours later my mum had returned:

Helen Moon: 40-years-old, tall and slim, long curly black hair, busty chest and has curvy figure.

“Morning! How’s my big boy holding up?” – Mum cooed at me in proudness, giving me a kiss on my right cheek as she can’t believe her little boy is 18 and now left school.

“Mum…” – I whined in embarrassment as wiped of her kiss from my cheek.

“You okay Amy?” – Mum asked.

“Sure Helen, I’m off now anyway. Have a nice time tonight: call me if you’re in need.” – Amy nicely told me as she kissed me goodbye.

Amy walked into the hallway to grab her coat.

“Hey, have you told him yet?” – Mum asked in a whisper.

“Sorry Helen now’s not the best time. I’ll tell him when I’m ready.” – Amy whispered back to my mum who sadly nodded in reply.

Mum let Amy out of our home, locked the door then came back into the living room to see me.

“Any plans for tonight Terry?” – Mum asked me as I watched the TV.

“Only a goodbye party with the lads: no more school life, it feels great already.” – I told mum with a smile.

“Just be careful at these clubs Terry, I’ve read stories about the latest events in the press. It’s awful.” – Mum – like Amy – guided me.

“For God sake mum, I’m 18. I’m not your little boy anymore; trust me. I’ll be fine. It’s time for me to get ready I won’t have dinner: I’ll grab a kebab on the way home. I’ll see you later.” – I told mum as I kissed her cheek leaving the living room to have a bath to get ready for tonight’s party…


Meeting the stranger…

I arrived an hour early at the local nightclub – to get some vodkas in me – strangely the lads weren’t here yet: normally they are early and we have an early piss up.

I sat at the bar for near 20 minutes and I had nearly drunk my pint of beer, and that’s when I first saw him as he now approached me:

“Hello there, I’m Fred, you want another pint?” – Fred kindly asked me.

I eyed him up:

Fred: aged in his mid-50s, dressed in common clothing; polo shirt and black jeans, has a small round bald head, no facial hair, but has a beer belly.

“No thank you pal, I’m okay.” – I told politely him.

“What’s your name?” – Fred asked as he stood close to me.

“I’m Terry.” – I informed him, not wanting to be rude.

“You alone?” – Fred asked.

“Hopefully not soon I’m out with the lads.” – I told Fred.

“How old are you?” – Fred asked me.

“Er, eighteen: why?” – I told Fred as my wits grew concerned with this man.

“You look younger than that…you should be in bed at this time of night.” – Fred softly told me.

“What the fuck? Who, the fuck are you?” – I asked Fred in a snappy manner for a stranger is telling me what should be my bedtime.

“I’m sorry if I’ve pissed you off, I didn’t mean to.” – Fred told me as he placed his arm over my shoulder blades.

I pushed his arm away.

“Look pal, not being rude, but can you go off and do one.” – I kindly asked Fred.

“Don’t you like older men?” – Fred asked me.

“Fred I’m not Gay. I have a girlfriend; I’m waiting for my school friends to arrive.” – I informed Fred; getting the picture straight.

“Oh dear me, I’ve put my foot in it again.” – Fred rejoiced in an ill giggle.

“I am sorry Terry; I thought you were on the prowl for an older man.” – Fred told me bluntly.

“Well I’m not, good luck in your search.” – I meanly told Fred.

“Please let me buy you a drink: it’s my way to say sorry for my misunderstanding. I’ll leave you be.” – Fred kindly told me with a smile.

“Okay, I’ll have a pint of Carlsberg please.” – I told Fred.

“Can I have a pint of Carlsberg please Bruce?” – Fred asked Bruce the bartender with a hidden wink. Bruce nodded in reply.

“Here you go son, a fresh pint of beer; have a nice night, and I’m sorry about my mistake.” – Fred apologised to me.

“It’s all in the past now; thank you for the beer, good luck in your search.” – I told Fred as I turned my back away from him and left his sight.

“…Oh I don’t luck Terry, for I’ve already found the boy I’m searching for.” – Fred whispered under his breath as he observed me meeting up with my school friends.

The night passed quickly…and it was till I woke up that things began to take a new twist for my future life…

Written by: Croc

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