Furmania – Want your Fursona on a T-shirt


What is Furmania?

Furmania is a furry clothing and accessories business based in South Shields, Tyne and Wear.

We want you to love Furmania as much as we do and to ensure your order is of a high standard and reaches you in the fastest time possible we print everything in house. This way regardless of whether you choose a standard premade design from our website or you send us a custom design such as an image of your fursona we don’t have to wait for any third parties and can dispatch your order as quickly as possible.

The idea for Furmania happened when my partner wanted to buy a furry based T-shirt but discovered he would have to buy it from America. This meant that not only was he buying the T-shirt and paying postage but he was also having to pay import charges which meant that a T-shirt which had started out affordable at around £17 ended up costing about £40 after import charges!


We didn’t feel that this was right as there is a large community of furries in the UK. Why should we have to import to get something we love? So we came up with Furmania. A furry clothing and accessories business based in the UK for furries by furries.

What sort of Cloths do Furmania have?

They offer follow cloths and color in the store at this moment:

Braeburn Brony T-shirt – Purple, Pink, Dark Grey, Black and White

Braeburn Brony Hoodie – Black and Sports Grey

Big Mac Brony Hoodie – Black and Sports Grey

You find the Size information here and they ship worldwide and you can read more about it here.

I hope they going to offer more colors and cloths in the future.

Do Furmania offer custom print whit Babyfur stuff?

100% fine if you wont to order a babyfur custom print T-shirt.

Click on the banner if you wont to visit Furmania.

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