Diaper Mega Samplepack, all types (benefit package) ABDLFactory

Try all ABDLFactory Adult Diapers with or without Diapertape

1 x Tena Slip Maxi (S,M,L) Plastic
1 x Tena Slip Basic Super (S,M,L) Plastic
1 x Molicare Super Plus (S,M,L) Plastic
1 x Abena Abri Form X-Plus M4/L4 (M,L) Plastic
1 x Beesana Super (M,L) Plastic
1 x Kolibri Slip Basic (M,L) Plastic
1 x Attends Slip Super Plus No.10 (M,L) Plastic
1 x Euron Formslip Ultra (M,L) Plastic
1 x Barme Slip Super (M,L) Plastic
1 x MaiMed IncoSlip extra nacht (M,L,XL) Plastic
1 x FormaCare Slip X-plus (M,L,XL) Plastic
1 x Kolibri Comslip Plus (M,L) Plastic
1 x Inda Slip Maxi (M,L,XL) Plastic
1 x Fabine Exclusive WHITE (L) Plastic
1 x ID Slip Expert Super (M,L) Plastic
1 x ComfiCare Slip (M,L) Plastic
1 x Delicare Slip Super Plus (M,L,XL) Plastic
1 x Tena Slips Plus (S,M,L) Plastic
1 x Attends Waistband Style Slips (M,L) Plastic
1 x Absorbency Plus Level 3 (M,L,XL) Plastic

Total: S and M 19 Diapers, L and XL 20 Diapers


6 x Printed Diapers:

1 x Cuddlz with Print (M,L) Plastic
1 x Cuddlz All over Print (M,L,XL) Plastic
1 x Aww So Cute (M,XL) Plastic
1 x MyDiaper All Over Printed Diapers (M,L) Plastic
1 x Super Dry Kids, Pampers Baby Dry replicas (M,L) Plastic
1 x Fabine Exclusive NEW PRINT (M,L) Plastic

8 x Cotton Feel Diapers:

1 x Absorin Slip Excellent Orange (M,L) Cotton Feel
1 x Abena Abri Form M3/L3 (M,L) Cotton Feel
1 x Tena Slip Ultima (S,M,L) Cotton Feel
1 x Tena Pants Maxi (M,L) Cotton Feel
1 x Seni Super Quatro (M,L,XL) Cotton Feel
1 x Abena Abri-Form X-Plus Premium (M,L,XL) Cotton Feel
1 x Lille Supreme Pants (M,L,XL) Cotton Feel
1 x Beesana Comfort Slip Air (M,L) Cotton Feel

5 x Inlay Pads for extra absorption in Slip Diaper:

1 x Maxi Slip Inlay 15x60cm
1 x Beesana Maxi Inlay 16x58cm
1 x Medium Slip-Inlay, 11x36cm
1 x Lille Maxi Inlay 16x60cm
1 x Seni V Maxi Inlay 65cm

2 x Plastic Backed Diaperinserts:

1 x Beesana Exclusive Maxi Diaperinsert, Plastic
1 x Easy Form Extra Diaperinsert, Plastic

2 x Children Diapers:

1 x Pampers UnderJams L/XL max. 39kg Cotton Feel
1 x HUGGIES DRY NITES, 8-15 years, 27-57kg Cotton Feel

All diapers except children diapers are available in size M or L.
If you choose size S or XL, we will ship that size where possible instead of size M or L.

Only this months you get 30% off the price.

You can order the Diaper Mega Samplepack here.

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