Crime and punishment! Part 1 & 2

Crime and punishment! Part 1Sales for the new diapers called “Pawpers” have been wonderful!And to celebrate, the boss decided that Matt gave the good news to all employees gathered there!

Apart of that,the boss left in charge of the construction of the mini platform to Abel … but Abel made ​​some changes to his own advantage…and to his own pleasure too!

Some days later, everything was set and began the celebration!

Matt:”Good morning everyone!The new diapers called “Pawpers” has been a smash hit!Here I bring two of the most popular and sold worldwide:
Pawpers-musical :
For daddies and mommies without the ability to discern colors, or just added humiliation, these new plastic pants have a special musical cue whenever they are wet or messed in. They play your choice of lullabies or nursury rhymes. Special waterproof casing prevents components from being damaged by wetness. Pawpers, because no one lacks of ideas for our cubs !

Spank’Easy diaper tapes :
“Taking care of my young ones is a full time job. Especially so when it comes to administering a quick spanking or much needed enema. But not anymore thanks to Pawpers new Spank’Easy diaper tapes. Spank’Easy diaper tapes come with “Velcro” brand closures so diapers can be removed quickly and put back on snug and secure.
With Pawper’s new Spank’Easy tapes there’s no more waste because the adhesive tapes have torn the plastic outer lining upon removal. Spank’Easy are just as tight fitting as any normal tapes, even after being opened a few times. As you come have to expect from the people at Pawpers it will soon be available for all their product lines from Pet to Princess.
Encase your naughty cub’s hot, pink, spanked bottom in a pair of new Pawper’s Spank’Easy taped diaper today and see better behavior tomorrow.”

But something strange happened while Matt was talking!His voice began to pause several times, as if he was receiving a great pleasure!

Matt began to say:”Ooohhh…aaaah!”

One employee who was sitting there, said to the boss:
“It seems that Matt is having a good feeling inside his diaper!”

Meanwhile, Matt couldn’t contain himself and said:
“Excuse me …I’m feeling right now good vibrations inside my diaper and don’t know why!Ohhh…uuuugh!”

The boss didn’t like the joke at all and said to himself:
“Something strange is going on here and I’m going to investigate … I’m sure that Abel is behind all this!

But the real reason that Matt was acting that way, was because of Abel the bear!
He altered the platform to have access to Matt and give him some some diaper rubs!

Crime and punishment! Part 2

After a rather extensive research,the boss discovered the real culprit and along with Matt,Abel the bear, received his comeuppance…with a bare bottom spanking and some butt fingering,courtesy from Matt and the boss!^^

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88

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