Seni Active Basic Pants

Seni Active Basic Pants

Product information

  • Groesse-size: M,L,XL
  • Aussenseite-Cover: CottonFeel
  • Befestigung-Tapes: o
  • Verwendung-use for: Tag-Day
  • Farbe-colour: weiss-white

Seni Activ Mobile is an inconspicuous , highly absorbent incontinence pant specially designed for mobile patients with severe incontinence.

Seni Active mobile can like normal underwear without opening and closing of tapes are selbstaendig on and taken off . Due to the easy handling, the panty is particularly suitable for use in toilet training.

Thanks to the fully secure seat offers maximum safety even in the supply restless or confused patients.

The rectangular absorbent pad with a reinforced ultra absorbent layer in the crotch area offers optimal safety through its high suction power and reliable moisture retention.

The suction fleece sizes medium and large wicks moisture quickly into the absorbent core while protecting against rewetting .

The all-over cover with a soft dry fleece protects the skin and to keep it dry .

Soft, water repellent inner cuffs offer additional side leakage protection .

The pants are guaranteed by its all-round elastic leg a great fit .

The soft textile outer surface is impermeable and protects bedding and clothing reliably .

Seni Active side is torn open , so that if necessary, a faster and more hygienic change is possible .


moderate to severe urinary and faecal incontinence for mobile patients ; well suited with easy handling for use in toilet training ; but also by the all-around secure fit in the supply restless or confused patients maximum security

You find the pants on Save Express. You can also find the Seni Active Basic Pants on Ebay.

The pull ups package look kind of big and special. Wounder how it look on the other side? But this is the way i think diaper package should look like it bring back some old memory’s.

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