Babyfur comic: The price for being nosy

The price for being nosyCanusky pays for being a little nosy in a place he should not be :)

Canusky and text by: Dark-paws

Draw by: toddlergirl


If you decide to be to nosy in a place you dont know any thing about you could end up in a place that Canusky have found. Wounder what the machine is going to do if he treys to escape from the place? Wounder if it going to let him do that or if the machine is going to try and stop him?

I hope that Dark-paws maybe decide to order a new comic that shows what is going to happen next whit Canusky. But i have to admit that he looks weary cute in his blue diaper and pacifier. Nothing can change that the outfit make him look weary cute.

1 thought on “Babyfur comic: The price for being nosy”

  1. I’d love to see him try to escape. He was understandably curious. Unfortunately he let his curiosity get the better of him. And now look at what happened to him. He’s a nappy wearing baby. :)

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