Tantrums!Being a babysitter is not easy stuff!And  more when the cub gets tough on the changing table and before going to bed!

It seems that is the case here, little Jim is putting things a little difficult for his babysitter!
Even with all the tantrum that Jim can create, the babysitter always has the solution for such problems …a good bare bottom spanking!^.^

Jim: Jimfox1985

Line art by Victor/colors by  nelson88

Source: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=610550

Yes a good bare bottom spanking is watch happen if you give your  babysitter a hard time and when she is finish whit Jim i think he is going to have a hard time sleeping now whit this spanking butt. But he have get what he deserve for being a naughty boy on the changing table.

I only hope he dont decide to do it again. But i have to admit that he look weary cute in this pose and he seems to handle the spanking weary good to.

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