Fabine Exklusiv 2014 edition ABDL diaper

Fabine Exklusiv 2014 package

Like you see on the photo above i have receive the Fabine Exklusiv 2014 edition ABDL diaper in the mail today. And like you maybe can see on the photo the printed design on the diaper is different like i have mention before on my blog that you maybe remember. Its going to be nice to try this diaper lather and see how it is and if the Large is the right size for me. On the old Fabine Exklusiv i have try the medium size and that was not the right size for me then. It was to small and i dont get a nice and comfy fit around my legs and tummy. I hope i have more success in this Large version of the diaper.

This new print is weary cute and it look like a ABDL diaper should look to be right and release the extra baby feeling.

If you dont have order the diaper yet you can find it on buntewindel.de and abdlfactory.com

The Fabine exclusive has the following characteristics:
* Highly absorbent (According practice test on the entire area about 4000ml, while wearing 2500ml – 2700ml)
* Extra high absorbtion
* Beautiful colorful baby print on plastic outer layer
A very solid thick diaper with high leakage barriers, great fit and extremely high absorbtion.
Size M = 80 – 110 cm
Size L = 110-140 cm
Contents: 8 diapers per pack.


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