Absorbency Plus Level 3 Now Available On Save Express

If you are follow my blog you maybe remember that i post a blog post a couple of months ago that i decide to place an order on the Absorbency Plus from XP Medical . But in may case i order the Absorbency Plus Level 4 and it dont look like Save Express have it in store yet and i dont know if they going to have it lather. But i think they going to have that but that is nothing that i know about right now. I think they have the Level 3 for now and see how many people that decide to order it before they maybe add the Level 4 version of the diaper. Who knows?

If you wont to try this Absorbency Plus Level 3 you can find it here. Or if you dont wont to wait for the Level 4 version of the diaper you can order it from XP Medical and use a package forwarding company like bonvu.com that can help you to save some money on the shipping cost. I use this company when i order stuff from the United State that dont ship to Sweden.

Save Express have also add a new booster pad into there store the Booster 2XL Pads



Booster pad inserts are an economical and effective way to increase the capacity of any absorbent product. We offer them in two brands and six styles to accommodate absorbency requirements from moderate to extremely heavy. At a full 6 inches wide and 24 inches long, the Abri-Let Maxi covers a 250% larger area and offers twice the thickness of a conventional booster. It is specially designed to provide compete front-to-back coverage while fitting neatly between the leak guards on medium, large and XL size briefs.


From the words above it sounds like this can be some really good booster pads. I think i going to order a package when they get available on Save Express. because in this moment they dont seems to have it in stock yet.

You find the Booster2XL pads here.

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