The Schoolboy by Croc – Chapters 9-13

This Story is written by Croc


There I was: sitting on a chair in the school library all alone…the crinkle of my thick padded nappy and awful plastic pants always drew attention to me; but by now I couldn’t give a fuck. As the pupils left for registration they sniggered behind my back; I was no doubt the talk of the school. Then the love of my young life came in to greet me in a peculiar way;

“Hello Tommy how are you feeling?” – Chloe asked me as she gave me a strong cuddle and placed her left hand on my nappied bottom, pinching it.

“Bad Chloe, I don’t know how this came about…I guess you’ve seen the pictures?” – I humiliating asked my girlfriend.

“I have. Amy is a really good photographer. I’m not shocked by it, though I have thought twice about us – about our relationship.” – Chloe said as she sat down next to me holding both of my hands.

“Are relationship is fine…right?” – I asked nervously.

“No we’re not fine Tommy. Look, let’s be frank: it’s not me, it’s you. You only let me kiss you and not go pass ‘First Base’. I wanted more emotion and love from you; you were too wrapped up in your football ambition bubble. Plus I’m not the kind of girlfriend who would change her boyfriend’s nappies; I’m too ambitious with my modelling career; I don’t want to end up as a single mum on benefits or devoting my time to care for you or a real baby. I hope you understand?” – Chloe kindly and softly spoke to me with truth.

“Are you dumping me?” – I asked bluntly.

“Yes I am. It was never going to work between us, and it sure won’t when now you’re back in nappies. But, a one of Amy’s girlfriends does fancy you: even more so now that you’re in nappies: I’ll put in a good word for you; believe me Tommy: I’ll be doing you a favour. Most teenage girls wouldn’t bother with a nappy boy like you…also Jake has asked me out on a date. He is now the new football captain and it’ll good for my image to be seen with him and not a loser in nappies. I doubt we’ll see each-other again, but I’ll keep an eye out on you…and future pictures.” – Chloe heartlessly told me; looking at my sad face and smirking deep into my gutted eyes.

Chloe then stood up from her chair and I automatically dropped to my knees, with my face at her flat black school shoes. I looked up, past her black tights, and short grey mini-skirt, up past her tight white school shirt and red tie into her perfect and cute face:

“Please Chloe, don’t do this to me; I need you, now, more than ever. We can work please give me one last chance!” – I begged Chloe holding her tiny feet. Chloe liked the attention and milked it:

“Aww, Tommy. I know you need someone now more than ever…that’s why your mummy has been so kind towards you and your condition; you’ll need to come to terms that things are only going to decline. I speak to Amy and her girlfriends; I’m sure your mummy will let them babysit you and change your messy nappies?” – Chloe giggled looking down at me.

“Don’t you, dare!” – I shouted tearing up at my now ex-girlfriend.

“What-what’s that smell?” – Chloe said sniffing the air…then looked down at me.

“Did baby boy make a stinky?” – Chloe teased at me in a soft cooing tone.

“Of course not: I’d know if I use my nappy or not!” – I firmly told Chloe making out that I can control my toilet training…though I thought about what she just said, so still kneeling on the floor I placed my two hands onto my nappied bottom and it was filling up!

“I want my Mummy!” – I screamed at the top of my lungs as I hold my nappied bottom as it was filling up with my shit.

“Classic, I need to take a video of this.” – Chloe laughed out loud as she pulled out her iPhone, then quickly started to record a video of me on my knees cry for my mummy.

“Mummy where are you?” – I cried as tears poured down my face.

“Mummy’s at home, she left her sweet baby boy at a school for big boys and girls.” – Chloe cooed as she kept recording me on the floor.

Then Ms. Turner walked into the library!

“Morning Ms. Davis, what are you doing? – Jesus! – What’s that fucking smell?” – Ms. Turner asked out loud knowing it was me. Chloe recorded Ms. Turner’s entrance and giggled.

“Tommy, come here now!” – Ms. Turner commanded. I shook my head no.

Ms. Turner grabbed my schoolbag from the table me and Chloe were sitting and opened it; Chloe still recording this on her iPhone.

“If you’re not old enough to walk to an adult when needing a nappy change, then the adult will come to you like a babysitter to a baby boy.” – Ms. Turner firmly declared holding a fresh thick Cuddlz nappy in her right hand. She then walked over to me and knelt down to my level.

“Give me your feet you naughty boy.” – Ms. Turner commanded as I was not giving her my feet. Then with all her might Ms. Turner reached out with her arms and grabbed my feet, forcing me to sit on my now messy bottom, she pulled me forward to her thighs – making me to look helpless and weak.

“Lie down baby boy; you need a fresh nappy for you have made a stinky.” – Ms. Turner cooed to me and in front of Chloe’s mobile.

“Please don’t record this. I want my mummy.” – I cried with tears pouring down my cheeks, along with a sniffy nose.

“Chloe you sister Amy and her friends are studying for the G.C.S.E. in Childcare right?” – Ms. Turner asked as I lay on my back on the library floor.

“Yes headmistress, the girls are the only ones in the whole school who want to learn about childcare, and even want to work in the new teen Nursery centre in the New Year.” – Chloe laughed in a fit of giggles.

“You hear that Tommy. This video is to help our teenage girls about being a babysitter and to change a teenage boy’s messy nappy. It’s for the best interest of the girls’ education…and for the school’s reputation. You’re doing us a favour young man. Now let’s get you into a clean nappy.” – Ms. Turner softly told me. I gave up. I just let her do it.

Ms. Turner unlaced my school shoes then pulled of my white socks and placed them into my schoolbag. She then unzipped my grey school trousers and pulled them off; throwing them behind her back. She then pulled off my plastic pants – mummy was right: it has some poo on them – Chloe zoomed in on the plastic pants as Ms. Turner held them high in the sky.

“Looks like your mummy need to invest in more plastic pants for her baby boy.” – Ms. Turner told me as she threw them behind her back, as she did with my trousers.

“Chloe get a good shot of this.” Ms. Turner commanded to Chloe as she knelt on the library floor looking up at Chloe’s iPhone.

“Girls this is how you change a messy boy’s nappy – a teenage boy’s nappy I might add.” – Ms. Turner smirked directly into Chloe’s mobile.

“The trick is to make sure the boy is calm and that he feels it’s natural for women to change his bottom.” – Ms. Turner commented as she ripped of the front tapes to my nappy, then pulling it back, exposing my messy bottom and crotch.

“First girls, it’s the baby wipes. You take the baby wipes then wipe all areas of the boy’s crotch first. After, proceed into his cute bottom, even in his bum crack. Now we are in the school library and not in the boy’s nursery; for he would have a changing mat – or table – but having a toddler and a messy one at that: nappy changes can happen at any place and any time. So you’ll have to learn how to change a nappy, without the proper equipment.” – Ms. Turner smiled again into the camera. She then grabbed a huge amount of Huggies baby wipes, then proceed to wipe my crotch then grabbed another hand full of baby wipes and cleaned my bottom up. I just stared up at the ceiling; trying to tell myself that this one big fucking nightmare.

“Next is to take the dirty nappy, fold it up and put it into a nappy bag, then into the bin. Like so.” – Ms. Turner got a plastic bag from my schoolbag and placed my messy nappy into it.

“So girls, now that the boy is wiped down, next is nappy rash cream. The best one to use, like Tommy’s mummy uses is Sudocrem. The scent is strong and if a nappy boy is naked you can tell by this scent that he wears and uses nappies: just a piece of advice for your G.C.S.E.” – Ms. Turner smiled again into the camera. She then grabbed the tub of Sudocrem then – like mummy – placed her right fingers into it, and with her left and my weak ankles she held them into the air and rubbed the Sudocrem into my crotch and then into my bottom: everywhere.

“This girls, is easy you’ll need to make sure that the boy’s bottom and crotch is covered with this; otherwise; he’ll develop nappy rash: and widdle Tommy doesn’t want that does he? No

he does not.” – Ms. Turner cooed at me through my upped legs as she held them. I lightly turned on the water-works.

Ms. Turner placed my legs down.

“Girls, then get a baby wipe and wipe your hands down to get rid of the Sudocrem scent. Otherwise it might overtake your own personal girly deodorant.” – Ms. Turner winked into Chloe’s mobile. Chloe giggled.

“Next is baby powder. In my opinion, Johnston’s baby powder is strong, cheap and does the job. You can either sprinkle the baby powder all over the widdle boy’s crotch and bottom, or pour some into your hands and slowly rub it in: everywhere. Now, you can use baby oil, but that is normally used after baby boy has a bath.” – Ms. Turner told her soon-to-be viewers into Chloe’s mobile.
“Turn over on your tummy Tommy, there’s a good widdle boy.” – I turned over, exposing my cute, tight, and pale bottom into the presence of the school headmistress, my ex-girlfriend, and the mobile recording.

“Girls, most baby boys of Tommy’s age, grow and have a cute bottom. I’m rubbing Johnston’s baby powder into my hand and I’m taking my time rubbing it into Tommy’s bottom. Reasons for this, is because, you need to look after the baby’s skin, protecting it against his own poo and wee…and it contains a powerful scent. The baby’s skin will become so smooth and soft, that changing nappies will become a joy and a give us women a nurturing emotion of excitement.” – Ms. Turner said as she patted my bottom.

I rolled back over and my crotch was in her face.

“Now word of caution girls: some boys of Tommy’s age can get excited and form erections. It’s natural for boys to do this…though Tommy can form one: can he Chloe?” – Ms. Turner said looking pass the mobile into Chloe’s eyes.

“Certainly not: we only dated for a month, and only kissed a few time. Tommy’s lips are just as soft as his bottom though.” – Chloe giggled in a fit of laughter. So did Ms. Turner.

“Girls, it’s important also to keep a boy of Tommy’s age hairless: pubeless I mean. And when I next see his mummy, I’ll remind her.” – Ms. Turner smirked down at me.

I sniffed my nose, knowing that I will indeed become completely hairless and with the video evidence; there’s no way I could talk my way out of it with mummy.

“Finally: the nappy. First you open it and stretch it out, from all corners; girls do remember; which is the front of the nappy and which is the back. It can sometime be confusing; especially over time when one changes different nappy makes and sizes.” – Ms. Turner said rolling her eyes into the air.

“Bottom up, come on darling, let’s get you into your thick padded bottom.” – Ms. Turner cooed as she placed the thick Cuddlz nappy underneath my bottom.

“Then girls, you make sure the nappy fits rightly around the boy’s waist. Then you take the nappy tapes and tight the nappy around his waist. There you are girls: a live recorded nappy change, now if you want to ask me questions, please write them to my office.” – Ms. Turner smiled into the mobile: Chloe then finished the recording on her mobile.

“Headmistress you’re a pro at this.” – Chloe said being impressed with her new video, of the school headmistress changing her ex-boyfriend’s messy nappy.

“Chloe, I’ve got experience of nappy boys like Tommy here. It’s natural to us women to change nappies. One day after you have a successful modelling career, your maternal instincts will kick in and then you’d want a baby of your own. Keep the video for the future Chloe; it’ll remind you on the difference between a man and a loser.” – Ms Turner smirked deviously down upon me.

“I will Ms. Turner. Later I make you a copy, after I’ve upload it onto Facebook and YouTube.” – Chloe giggled looking down at me lying in my fresh nappy.

“I’d like that. I’ll also upload it onto the school website, to promote our new Nursery centre in the New Year. Now, get to class Chloe, I’d like to see my girls get good grades.” – Ms. Turner smiled towards Chloe.

“Sure, headmistress. Oh, can I tell and show my classmates the video.” – Chloe asked as she stood at the door about to exit.

“The more the merrier: go for it.” – Ms. Turner replied with a long grin. Chloe left waving her mobile at me, then blew me a kiss and left the library laughing out loud.

“Now then widdle Tommy, let’s get you to matron’s office…” – Ms. Turner said as she grabbed my trousers throwing them into my schoolbag along with my shoes, socks and nappy changing products. Ms. Turner got the used baby wipes and put them into the nappy bag. She then put the nappy bag into the library’s bin. Ms. Turner carried my schoolbag over her shoulder then grabbed my hand and began to lead my out of the school library; down the warm carpet corridor, towards matron’s office with me wearing my school shirt, blazer and thick Cuddlz nappy…


Ms. Turner holding tightly onto my right hand and pulled me along the corridor…it’s humiliating because not only am I wearing a thick Cuddlz nappy – fully exposed, but also because I am one of the tallest pupils in the school, so it’s obvious that I’m a teenager wearing a thick babyish nappy and not a young boy.

We arrived at matron’s office and entered:

“Hello Emma, sorry to disturb but I’ve just changed Tommy’s smelly and messy nappy in the library…Tommy’s ex-girlfriend: Chloe Davis videoed it on her iPhone; she’s going to give me a copy, so I can promote the new Nursery building for the New Year on the school’s website, and to make a positive message about the G.C.S.E. in Childcare; to guide the girls in dealing with children and to encourage more girls to study the cause.” – Ms. Turner announced humiliating me while holding my hand.

“I bet that was nice to film? Aww, you poor boy…at least you’re in a clean nappy; that what matters huh?” – Emma cooed softly looking at me.

I nodded in agreement as tears lightly poured down my facial cheeks.

“Emma, I’m leaving Tommy with you for a while, I need to ring his mummy and tell her what a messy boy she has…also to advise her to remove Tommy’s pubic hair.” – Ms. Turner sniggered down at me.

“No need headmistress: I have Veet here – The shower is back working, I can shower him and rid him of his hair; it’ll be a big help for Mrs. Phelps.” – Emma smiled at me.

“Okay, I’ll call Mrs. Phelps and tell her that her baby boy made a messy nappy, wanted to be filmed by his ex-girlfriend and that you’re going to give him a shower: making him pubeless.” – Ms. Turner told Emma knowing all is bullshit.

“You lie! I never wanted to be filmed; I’m going to tell my mummy the truth when I see her!” – I protested pulling my hand away from Ms. Turner’s hard grip.

“Oh no, you won’t, you see, if you tell your mummy the truth: I’ll make sure a full public nappy changing display will occur in front of the whole school in the assembly hall. Besides, you’re mummy is not going to believe her toddler boy over a well-respected headmistress of the community is she?” – Ms. Turner giggled while smirking at me standing in my nappy and school blazer.

“I want to go home!” – I cried out loud stamping my bear feet.

“Emma, give the baby boy a shower, I’ll be back in half-an-hour okay.” – Ms. Turner said to the school matron as she left the room.

“Sure. Come along Tommy let’s get you showered and pubeless.” – Emma said as she lightly took my hand and led me to the private shower room in her office.

“Oh my, you’re a heavy wetter.” – Emma announced as she felt my nappy crotch.

“What?” – I gasped as I looked down seeing Emma’s hand patting the front of my wet crotch.

“This isn’t real, I’m a big boy damn it!” – I whined out loud.

“Aww darling, big boys use the potty or the toilet; you cannot. It is perfectly fine Tommy; I used to be a nurse for teenagers with special needs: most who’d worn nappies 24/7. I changed them on a regular basis. Come on let’s get this wet and damp nappy off before you get a nappy rash: and believe me; you don’t want that.” – Emma softly spoke to me as I was a toddler and not a teenage boy.

Emma and I were standing in her office. Emma ripped of my wet nappy; my cock was shrivelled up, Emma giggled at seeing my baby cock. She got back into her professional matron status and undressed me.
I stood naked in front of school matron: relating to the fantasies of the boys at school. Emma took my nappy and threw it in the bin. Emma began to undress me: She threw my blazer, tie, and shirt into my schoolbag which was on her desk. Emma then left the room for a second, returning with a bottle of Veet in one hand.

Emma then grabbed my hand with her spare hand and led me into the shower part of her office. Emma turned on the shower and warm water came out ready to begin her duty:

“Right then, young man I need to rub this in everywhere around your body – including your bum crack: I want to make a good impression on your mummy; for if I do, I want her to ask me to be your personal nurse: would toddler Tommy like that? A fine, elegant young lady like me nursing you and change your nappies hmm?” – Emma cooed with a giggle.

I stood still and remained speechless. Emma poured that sticky Veet over my young body: armpits, chest, tummy, back, thighs, arms, crotch, bum and bum crack. I stood for 6 minutes for Veet to do its thing. Emma led me to the shower and under it I went: It was nice and warm; I felt at home. Then I felt Emma’s hand going around me with some plastic scrapper.

After 10 minutes Emma turned off the shower, she stood there holding a massive thick white towel and started to dry me; which felt loving and nice. After Emma dried me, she grabbed my hand and led me naked into the surgery section of her office. I looked into the mirror and I saw that my whole body is now pubeless; not an inch of public hair remained on my body. I placed my hands onto my skin; I felt babyish, naked, and helpless. My skin was pure smooth and soft; I started to blush.

Emma went to get my schoolbag in the other room, as she was away I had a shock.

“Ha-ha, 100% pubeless just like a toddler: smiled for Auntie Amy!” – Laughed Amy as she took a picture of me naked – naked while I didn’t cover-up my crotch with one of my hands.

“You fucking bitch! Stop this!” – I shouted in a whinny tone.

“Aww is toddler Tommy having a tantrum? Maybe I should post these new pubeless pictures of widdle Tommy to my girlfriends, and post them onto Facebook?” – Amy cooed wickedly.

“Please don’t Amy. Why are you so wicked towards me?” – I asked Amy in a begging tone of voice.

“Because I believe that boys should be kept in nappies 24/7. I also believe us girls should baby them always; you’re the great example of a baby boyfriend: my sister was a mug to dump you: I wouldn’t have. But you’re not my type of boyfriend. I do enjoy seeing you cry and crawl around in a messy nappy…I know that you want to be a toddler Tommy, it’s pointless to deny it; how can a healthy teenage boy all of a sudden turn ill and act babyish?” – Amy bluntly told me.

Before I could answer Emma came back holding up a fresh nappy, bottle of Johnston’s baby power, and the packet of Huggies baby wipes.

“Aww, does widdle Tommy have a girlfriend?” – Emma cooed teasing me.

“I’m not his girlfriend, but I’d love to be his babysitter!” – Amy beamed in joy.

“Fuck you!” – I shouted and before I could make a rash exit (naked) Amy grabbed my left ear and pulled me back – it fucking hurt. Matron Emma placed her arms around my waist: I was trapped!

“Let me go you fat sluts!” – I shouted. In truth both Amy and Emma are good looking and not fat…maybe sluts, but calling a girl fat is below the belt: I shouted it in panic, and I was going to regret it.

“Fat are we toddler boy? Well you shall feel the force of our flabby hands then?” – Emma commented as she placed my cute bottom over her gorgeous thighs.

“No, I’m a big boy! Someone help me!” – I shouted…but there’s no answer, no-one to hear my screams, for they are in class.

“Amy, close the door and take out your iPhone: I want you to record this. I want to teach and show the girls on how to deal with rude and naughty little boys.” – Emma firmly commanded Amy as I lay naked across her lap.

“Make sure you get Tommy’s nappy and changing products in full view.” – Emma advised Amy.

“Sure miss.” – Amy giggled who then moved her iPhone into the correct angle position. Amy began to record and gave the thumbs up sign to Emma.

“Morning girls, like with Tommy’s mess nappy changing video, here is tommy’s bare bottom spanking video. Now I know you’ve babysat before, but for any future boyfriends who call you ugly, fat or common – with no respect towards your emotions etc. Spanking them would command you’re dominance and make sure you’re a young lady not to mess with.” – Emma announced into Amy’s camera.

Emma got her soft hand and rubbed my bottom.

“Now first you rub your boy’s bottom softly. It prepares the boy’s bottom that it’s about to be spanked: hard. Also coo like a mum to the boy like a he is a baby. With Tommy here, he is an overgrown toddler. Just look at his skin and body: completely hairless.” – Emma stated.

Amy then moved her iPhone closer to all parts of my body as I lay across Emma’s lap.

“Next, make sure with one leg that you trap one the boy’s thighs, for he cannot escape. Then pull his hair like-so, and before spanking him tell him how naughty he is.” – Emma smiled as she pulled back the hair on my head.

“Right widdle Tommy, you swore at both me and Amy, and called us fat and disrespect us; when we’re the ones who change your wet and shitty nappies!” – Emma shouted at me.
Smack – Smack – Smack

Emma firmly spanked my bottom; on both of my butt cheeks.

“I’m sworry, let me go please…” – I cried in a babyish tone pleading for mercy.

“Tough! You dished out dirty manners, so you’ll take a dirty spanking widdle boy!” – Emma shouted again as she carried on spanking me.

“Mummy!” – I cried as my pale bottom turned dark red.

“Now stand up and don’t you dare move.” – Emma commanded me as she lifted me from her lap. I stood holding my bottom in pain.

“Amy, come on.” – Emma said to Amy confidently.

“Er…Matron.” – Amy asked in confusing tone.

“I spanked him for being rude to me, but Tommy was also rude towards you. It’s your turn to spank his bottom. Give me the mobile.” – Emma said holding out her hand. Amy quickly gave Emma her mobile, Emma continued to film.

Amy sat on the chair, and then looked at me.

“Come on Tommy, the sooner it’s over with the sooner I’ll put you in your nappy.” – Amy giggled – milking her star recording.

I went over to Amy; the petite schoolgirl and after her positioning me over her lap: she began.

“How dare you call me fat you grovelling nappy boy!” – Amy shouted as she spanked my already burning bottom from Emma.

“Please stop!” – I whined in pain of humiliation.

“Admit it Tommy! I want you to announce it on film!” – Amy shouted as she continued spanking my bottom away.

“No!” – I cried out loud in my toddler tantrum rant wiggling my left leg which is free from her tight cute thighs.

“I’ve got all day baby boy! You naughty pathetic little boy! Say it! Admit the truth!” – Amy shouted spanking my bottom faster and harder.

“I’m a baby! I want to wear nappies! I want to be a baby boy for my mummy!” – I falsely shouted out loud on Amy’s lap, in front of Emma and on film, which isn’t the real reason for my potty problems; but the recording proves it, that it is.

“Good boy, who’s a good boy for Auntie Amy?” – Amy cooed to me as she rubbed my bottom softly. I sniffed my nose which had snot coming down.

“Don’t speak too soon Amy.” – Emma giggled zooming in on Amy’s lap.

“Jesus! Just like a baby, I knew it!” – Amy shouted as she threw me of her lap, leaving me lying naked on my tummy on the carpet.

“You see girls, what boys are truly like?” – Emma commented into the iPhone then zoomed towards Amy as she stands.

“Nappies, is the only place naughty boys should have as punishment…look at my skirt!” – Amy shouted into the iPhone, pointing to her wet school skirt.

“And that concludes today’s lesson of toddler Tommy’s videos.” – Emma giggled into the iPhone then stopped recording.

“Amy there’s a spare school skirt in the other room, go to the girl’s toilet and change skirts. I get Tommy into his nappy. Take your mobile; remember to send Ms. Turner a copy.” – Emma smiled as she hand back Amy’s iPhone.

“Thank you matron; I sure will. I see you later baby.” – Amy rejoiced as she left matron’s office.

“Come Tommy, all un-potty-trained boys have bladder and bowel troubles now let’s get you into your fresh nappy huh?” – Emma cooed as she grabbed the thick Cuddlz nappy and changing products.


I lay there on the floor as Ms. Grayson – Emma – the school matron nappies my bottom.

“Legs-up, there’s a good boy.” – Emma cooed and she held my ankles high in the air in one hand and with another grabbed a cold Huggies baby wipes and wiped my bottom and crotch clean…she did this for a while; grabbing colder baby wipes. She then rubbed in some Sudocrem into my bottom and crotch…finishing off with pouring lots of Johnston’s baby powder onto my bottom and crotch; then personally – taking her time – rubbing it into my skin; deep into my pubeless and smooth body.

Emma lifted my legs again and placed the thick Cuddlz nappy underneath my bottom, then tightening it around my waist.

“A nappied baby is a happy baby; as they say.” – Emma giggled with beaming joy at my submissive state. As I lay on the floor my mind went into a trance; I struggled to stand…I was scared…more scared now that Ms. Turner returned…

“Well, what happened while I was away?” – Ms. Turned asked Emma, looking down at me on the floor.

“Tommy is now completely hairless, I had to spank his naughty little bottom…so did Amy Davis; Tommy insulted the both of us. Amy filmed it on her iPhone…like her sister she is going to post it online and you a copy to help promote the new nursery on the school’s website.” – Emma replied smiling scoring points with her boss.

“Brilliant. I can’t wait to view it. Now, I’ve spoken to Tommy’s mummy and she is okay – in fact she insisted that Tommy should be hairless. Mrs. Phelps is also impressed with you Emma.” – Ms. Turner told the school matron. Emma smiled…she wants to become my personal nurse…for some reason.

“Okay Tommy lie still, I’ll get you your clothes then dress you.” – Emma smiled down at me as I sat naked in just my thick Cuddlz nappy. Emma walked over to my schoolbag on her desk:

“That’s weird; your clothes were here not long ago.” – Emma commented to herself as she searched my schoolbag.

“Amy took them!” – I shouted from the other room in embarrassment.

“That little madam: She has as well!” – Emma said with an anger look across her face.

“I asked Amy to take them Emma, then give them to the school caretaker and dump them into the school garbage bins…I convinced Mrs. Phelps that with Tommy in nappies and needing changes; a school uniform wouldn’t work. So, I suggested that Tommy wears suitable clothing for his nappies…and which also suits his infantile mannerisms: a sleeper!” – Ms. Turner announced to Emma in a devious giggle.

“That’s a good suggestion headmistress.” – Emma giggled as Ms. Turner held up a full one-sized baby blue sleeper.

“He’ll look so cute in this.” – Emma commented clapping her hands. Both teachers walked into the room where I was sitting; I overheard their chat and giggling.

“Tommy, your mummy thinks it’s best that you wear this from now on.” – Ms. Turner laughed down at me as I looked up at the light baby blue one-sized sleeper…which had a zip on the back, and built-in socks and mittens, so I couldn’t use my hands and feet.

“I want my school uniform! I’m 16!” – I protested trying to stand on my legs but I dropped to the floor on my nappied butt.

“Ha-ha! 16? Yeah right, look at you, you can’t even stand right…looks like we need to dress you, as well as change you. Come on, be a good baby boy and let us put this on you.” – Ms. Turner told me.
Both the school headmistress and matron laid me onto my back and then dressed me into this humiliating and trapped piece of clothing.

“There we go, who’s such a good looking handsome baby boy for his headmistress and matron, hmm?” – Ms. Turner cooed as she zipped up the back of my sleeper.

I tried to stand but couldn’t…it was hard to stand losing the strength of my legs (for another unknown reason) but even harder wearing this long tight piece of adult baby clothing.

“Where did you get this long onesie headmistress?” – Emma asked.

“Oh, this is a freebee for the New Year for the new centre with teenage children who are mentally and physically disabled and retarded. Tommy wearing this will only help encourage parents with their infantile children to place them here into our care.” – Ms. Turner smiled looking down at my nappied bottom.

“This looks promising.” – Emma nodded in agreement.

“I’m not going to be your fucking poster boy for your poxy nursery!” – I shouted looking up at the two women.

“Oh yes you are! In fact here’s another freebee for the new nursery…some parents might reject this, but it’s for the best to discipline their child.” – Ms. Turner told me as she pulled out a matching blue NUK 6 dummy with Thomas the Tank Engine printed on the front; both sides of the dummy is a long blue strap: similar to that of a BDSM gag!

“Emma, hold the dirty potty mouth baby down at once!” – Ms. Turner commanded the school matron.

“Yes ma’am.” – Emma replied as she knelt down to my presence; I tried to run but I collapsed onto the surgery carpet. I tried to wiggle out of Emma’s strong grip, but the beautiful matron was too strong for a wimp like me (just like my spanking).
Emma trapped me on the floor; her legs are around my waist and her hands held back my skull tightly; tilting my head up towards Ms. Turner.

“Please matron, help me!” – I begged Emma with oncoming tears pouring down my soft facial cheeks.

“I am helping you Tommy…I’m helping you to become the teen baby boy that you’ve always crave to be.” – Emma cooed stroking my hair.

“But I’ve never wanted to be a teen baby: I had this one dream one night, it’s about a–.” – I was cut off as my eyes were looking up deep into Emma’s eyes. Ms. Turner shoved the NUK 6 Thomas the Tank Engine dummy gag into my mouth, and by completing my humiliation; Ms. Turner tightly strapped it around my head. Now I couldn’t talk like a normal teenager.

“I too suggested this dummy to your mummy on the telephone; and she was all for it…but there is one final item she was also keen on you to wear, before I can let you go to your new class…and here it is!” – Ms. Turner rejoiced as she produced a large matching set of baby reins from her coat pocket.

“Mhmmm!” – I tried to shout from my gagged mouth as fresh sweat poured down from my forehead.

“If you can’t stand like a normal teenager and want to crawl on all fours like an oversized toddler; then us guardians need to keep a good eye on the school’s baby boy; for his own safety of course.” – Ms. Turner said as she bent forward placing this monstrous infantile set of reins threw my long arms then tightly clicking the straps together, finally giving matron the leash to hold.

“Now you’re set…but not without this…” – Ms. Turner said as she left the room for a moment and returned carrying a large nappy changing bag over her shoulder. She took it off and placed it in front of my eyes for a perfect view. The nappy changing bag: covered in light blue, yellow, and orange strips, along with the shiny bronze button clip with the engraved marking of “Stinky Baby Boy” across the front of the changing bag.

“Mhhhhh!” – I screamed through my dummied gag, not believing that this is full reality.

“I’ve put your spare nappies in here along with your Sudocrem nappy rash cream, Huggies baby wipes, and huge bottle of Johnston’s baby powder. There’s lots of room for either your mummy or baby sitter to put extra NUK 6 dummy gags like Thomas the Tank, your baby reins, and even a pair of plastic pants. This is all on the house from the school Tommy. Your mummy is out doing some ‘changes’ herself: she’ll be picking you up as soon as she can!” – Ms. Turner smiled wickedly into my tearing eyes as I moan through my dummy gag.

Ms. Turner got up, folded her arms then sniggered down at me with contempt:

“Matron, led Tommy to Room 101, there’s a change of his education; since he’s not old enough to study for his exams, keep hold of his ex-girlfriend, play football and go use the potty like a big boy; then he needs to be in a room and surroundings that suits his present condition…” – Ms. Turner told Emma with a huge grin showing off her power.

“Sure headmistress, come Tommy, let’s get you to Room 101.” – Emma giggled out loud, knowing what’s inside Room 101.

Emma started to lead me out of her surgery, pulling my new babyish reins; I crawled on the floor on all fours like a dog. I crawled at her feet; for that is the only thing I can see; is that of one’s feet/shoes and the boring floor.

“…Emma.” – Ms. Turner called out before we left matron’s surgery – which I fucking didn’t want to!

“Yes, Ms. Turner.” – Emma said turning to the vile and bitchy headmistress.

“It’s a long journey to Room 101: it’s on the other side of the school…its break time soon, so make it a very slow journey; okay.” – Ms. Turner sadistically commanded.

“Sure…what about Tommy’s old school bag?” – Ms. Grayson asked Ms. Turner.

“Oh yeah, don’t forget to carry his nappy changing bag around your shoulder…I want everyone to know what a big baby boy this school has. As for his old schoolbag – the expensive Lacoste bag; with the Crocodile logo – Tommy’s mummy said to give it away to a charity shop. So I’ll just do what Mrs. Phelps said on the telephone.” Ms. Turner said to Emma.

Emma took hold of my new nappy changing bag and placed it across her chest. Ms. Turner held my Lacoste bag and left the surgery. All three of us we now outside matron’s office; Emma took a key from her pocket and locked the door: there was no way back in: I had only one choice: to follow my leader!

“Ah, have fun the both of you. This is going to be one of the best school breaks to remember…and of course it’ll be your worse Tommy.” – Ms. Turner cooed bending forward looking deep into my teary eyes and babyish state. Soon after she turned leaving…I heard this:

Ring – Ring – Ring – Sounded the school alarm bells: it was break time!

“Come Tommy: don’t be shy…let’s step out from the corridor and out of the building, into the school’s main cloister.” – Emma cooed as she pulled my reins slowly from the corridor and out of the building. I then heard voices from far oncoming crowds…walking towards my crawling presence…I just wanted to go home…facing them in the flesh was now only seconds away…and being so scared, I began drooling from my gagged mouth; not forgetting fresh sweat began to form from my forehead. As I was being pulled along the cloister I started to poo my nappy…slowly…the smell will soon reach the noses of my oncoming peers and the nose of the school matron…


So it was the beginning of break time at school, and there I was being led in my adult baby reins by the sexiest women in school: Matron Emma Grayson. Sweat lightly dripped from my forehead as I sucked my dummy gag hard and fast out of fright; not forgetting to myself that both of my hands are trapped in a full blue onesie; including my feet. Ironically the school cloister was clean; no dust or dirt on the floor to ruin my new clothing.

My thick Cuddlz nappy was slowly filling up with my own shit…and it was only going to get worse, for the oncoming crowds had finally arrived to view and taunt my humiliating baby state…

“Ha-ha! Everyone, gather round and see this! The school has its own teen baby boy!” – Shouted Kerri who is personally rejoicing her revenge of my past teasing of her looks.

“Matron, does Tommy uses his nappies?” – Roxanne asked in a calm and caring manner.

“Yes Roxy; widdle Tommy here uses his nappies to the full; he is just like a real baby in all ways of potty problems.” – Emma replied smiling down at me.

“He’s such a cutie…would you like me to be your babysitter Tommy: I’ll change your nappies and play with you.” – Roxanne cooed softly as she bent forward looking me into my eyes as I sucked my dummy.

“Piss off Roxy! I’m going to be Tommy’s babysitter!” – Amy bitched to Roxanne.

“You’re better off being his photographer Amy!” – Roxanne bitched back.

“Actually you have a point!” – Amy beamed as she pulled out her iPhone and took new pictures of me as Ms. Grayson pulled me along through the long cloister of the school: filled with pupils from all years.

“My five-year-old brother has better potty training that you!” – Commented one schoolgirl as she looked down staring at my nappied bottom…which I knew soon the smell of my shit was going to become public knowledge.

“Come along Tommy and see the ‘older’ pupils of the school.” – Emma laughed out loud milking my humiliation and forcefully pulled me along on my reins; like a dog on a lead.

“Jesus! Look he has his own nappy changing bag! Classic!” – Amy shouted loudly, drawing many pupils’ eyes off me to matron’s shoulder which was carrying my nappy changing bag.

“Christ Tommy! You’re a freak!” – Shouted Johnny; looking down at me.

“We’re not your friends anymore!” – Said Johnny with the football lads behind him.

“Yeah: you’re better off with friends who indulge in your infantile fetish/thing.” – Commented Wayne; who was standing next to Johnny. All the boys turned their backs to me leaving in disgust.

At least I knew who my real friends are: which is now none from this moment forth.

I started to cry as I was crawling along the floor like a helpless, pathetic loser.

“What’s that smell?” – Commented Kerri smirking deviously in front of the large crowd; walking along with me as I crawl.

“That smell Kerri is Tommy’s dirty, messy and shitty nappy.” – Matron announced loudly to everyone in sight.

“Mmmph!” – I whined through my dummy out loud with new tears pouring down my cheeks, looking around seeing people giggling and taking pictures of my enslaved and helpless position.
Kerri came up to me; Amy was waiting to take a new picture: Kerri grabbed my nappied bottom and rubbed the messy shit around in my nappy: Amy took the pictures as Kerri was smirking with satisfaction.

“Stop it! It’s unfair to Tommy” – Roxanne protested in a caring manner as she stepped in to defend me from these cruel schoolgirls.

“You are kidding? After what this baby boy said about my looks! Bollocks!” – Kerri shouted back.

Kerri moved in front of me; I looked up at her; past her tight and exposing school uniform; she grabbed my chin then tilted her lips next to my left ear:

“There’s more humiliation to come from me baby boy: this is just the beginning; I’m going to make sure, that under my babysitting care you’ll be forever a loser in nappies; and that you’ll live to regret you’d called me ‘Ugly’ and ‘Maggot Face’ a few months ago.” – Kerri grinned wickedly.

“Hmmmph!” – I shouted in rage wanting to rip her ‘Ugly’ face off; but I was helpless; matron pulled me along as Kerri walked away with Amy. Both girls looked at Amy’s mobile and giggled away at my new embarrassing and exposed babyish photos.

Time was getting on; break time was nearly finished: thank God! But I was in for a shock of betrayal before the bell rang.

As the crowds left to get there snacks before the bell rings, with Roxanne walking behind me; the only ‘Friend’ I’ve got at the moment. Up came Chloe…with Jake holding hands together like a young love couple: my rage of Kerri turned to Jake for me and him were supposed to be ‘mates’.

“Well, well look here Jake: it’s a cute baby boy.” – Chloe sniggered staring down at my crawling presence.

“Tommy, me and Chloe are an item as you can see.” – Jake smiled then gave Chloe an adult French kiss in front of me; to piss me off; that my ex-girlfriend is now in the arms of my ex-best friend.

“Oh Tommy, before you crawl away; I’ve am the new school team Captain…Mr. Walker and the school want a young man; not a nappy boy to lead the football team to glory…have a nappy time with matron…” – Jake told me smirking down at me; as he is one up over me. Chloe knelt down next to me; we were now face-to-face:

“Tommy; I wish you luck in finding a new girlfriend…for she won’t be your girlfriend; only your babysitter; changing your nappies and no teenage girl or woman wants a man with that take on…I hope one day you’ll be back wear big boy boxer shorts…but then again no-one would EVER forget your babyish state…which will be a turn off to women and young ladies…maybe you should stay in the nursery; that way you’ll have teddies to talk too and would be there for you…and your mummy.” – Chloe giggled holding her hand over her mouth.

“I thought you two are mates?” – Roxanne asked Jake.

“We were, not now; I don’t want to be friends with a nappy boy – a nappy boy who wants to act and be treated like a baby; have a nice life; loser!” – Jake commented to me.

“And that goes for the same with me: I’m not going to change nappies of my boyfriend; I want a real man like Jake here!” – Chloe told Roxanne as Chloe held Jake’s hand and smiled up to him.

“I think it’s a right choice Chloe. I so hate to see women tied down caring for their man…You’re young and have your life ahead of you…you don’t need a baby boyfriend.” – Matron concurred with Chloe nodding with a grin.

“Well, maybe I want a baby boyfriend!” – Roxanne said sticking up for me; though I didn’t know she meant it!

“Yeah right Roxanne; you’re just a silly teenage girl in an ‘I love him’ bubble. Full of wild nurturing emotions: Get real girl!” – Matron told Roxanne sniggering at her stupid beliefs.

Chloe and Jake walked away in the distance; and good riddance I thought; I don’t want to see them ever again!

“I need to get a snack.” – Roxanne said to me and Matron. Roxanne knelt down facing me.

“Be strong Tommy; they don’t have a heart like me. I see you soon.” – Roxanne told me as she strokes my hair. Roxanne got up and left my presence…I felt lonely and started to cry lightly at that thought.

“Come alone Tommy, I haven’t got all day!” – Matron bitched as she pulled my baby reins forcefully and quickly.

Matron led me into another part of the school building…it was peaceful; no sound…I looked up around the hallway and it was decorated with peach paint and bright stripped wallpaper.

Matron stood outside a door…a door that numbered ‘Room 101’…


Matron stood outside the door numbered ‘Room 101’ then looked down at me.

“Stay here Tommy and be a good boy.” – Matron cooed to me like a dog. And like a dog she sat me down: the shit in my nappy was now spread across my crotch. Emma knocked onto the door then quickly walked in the room. I was too slow to see what’s in there as matron slammed the door on my face.

A couple-of-minutes later the school bell rang: ending break time. The peaceful hallway began to erupt with voices. Matron came out of ‘Room 101’ – without carrying my nappy changing bag:

“Okay Tommy, come along and enter into your new phase of education.” – Matron praised me as she grabbed my reins and pulled me into ‘Room 101’.

I crawled into this ‘Room 101’ it’s decorated with childlike animals and dinosaurs; with messy childish hand paintings Blu-tacked over windows, buckets of toys, and soft toys…along with a fish tank in the far corner…there’s more to see, but I was distracted as this massive woman came towards me.

“Aww, isn’t he cute: what a big baby boy this school has…Tommy isn’t? I’m Catherine; I’m the Nursery Nurse for the school’s nursery…your playmates should be coming back from their early naptime…and I think you need your nappy changed before you meet them huh? Come with me I have your nappy changing bag at the ready!” – Catherine sarcastically cooed in a nurturing tone; knowing full well that I’m 16!

Catherine: 30-years-old, big breasted, double-chinned, round and strong BBW, with long dark blonde hair.

“Catherine; remember – like all staff in this school: you have full “locus parentis” and full power of “maternal discipline” to use upon Tommy should be become a naughty boy within your nursery.” – Matron reminded Catherine of my submissive and powerless state.

“I totally understand Emma.” – Catherine grinned looking down at me.

“Okay, I leave you too it: have a fun playtime Tommy.” – Matron laughed on her way out; closing the door behind her; leaving me with this big monstrous woman.

“Now, I know that some widdle boy needs a nappy change. Who’s that one wonders? It’s Tommy!” – Catherine cooed as she clapped lightly her hands.

Catherine walked over to my nappy changing bag and pulled out one of my last two Cuddlz nappies that mummy packed into my schoolbag this morning. Catherine held the items in her hands; then the door opened and it was a group of toddlers aged between 2-4-years-old; about ten of them were led into the nursery by a young lady, a late teenager…she looked familiar…then I twigged it: It’s Daisy! – My next door fucking neighbour!

Daisy: 19-years-old, slim with a natural beauty, long straight brunette hair, shy, caring and sweet nurtured.

Daisy shut Room 101’s door and quickly settled the toddlers down on the other side of the nursery waiting to be read I story I guess.

“Oh Daisy, may I introduce you; to our new member of the nursery…I believe you know this baby boy very well.” – Catherine told Daisy from a distance. Daisy nodded and walked over from one side of the nursery to wear I was sitting (in my smelly and shitty nappy).

“Yes Catherine who’s that then? I’ve babysat many cute baby boys during my studying in child care.” – Daisy said looking directly to Catherine.

“Not this baby boy you haven’t.” – Catherine giggled. Daisy looked at the huge thick Cuddlz nappy in Catherine’s chucky hand.

“That’s not one of our nappies.” – Daisy spoke in shock.
“It sure isn’t Daisy…it’s for him there on the floor.” – Catherine said turning her head looking down at me. Daisy then turned her head staring down at my face…figuring out who I am.

“Oh my god: Tommy is that you?” – Daisy gasped in shock as she asked me. I looked down at the floor starting to cry…

A short quiet pause passed; my eyes stared onto the nursery floor with light tears pouring down my cheeks.

“…Of course it’s Thomas Phelps. His mummy has put him into nappies; because he is not only having potty problems; but is also wanting to act like a baby.” – Catherine wickedly informed Daisy.

“Na, this is just an act; Tommy is respectable young man of our community and school; he must be ill.” – Daisy replied to Catherine as she looked down upon me with pity.

“Daisy; you missed the staff meeting this morning; it’s officially true. It came out of the horse’s mouth herself: Ms. Turner.” – Catherine smiled wickedly down to my helpless sitting.

“Well…what are we to do with him?” – Daisy said in an awkward tone.

“Treat him like a toddler…in every way; that is our orders from Mrs. Phelps herself.” – Catherine giggled.

“Jesus what’s that smell?” – Daisy said sniffing her nose then walking over to the group of rugrats in the corner.

“Which one of you made a stinky for Daisy hmm?” – Daisy cooed softly standing over the toddlers looking down at them with her arms crossed; ready to change a nappy. All the toddlers shook their heads…then one toddler pointed his finger at me.

“Tommy is it you? Are you the little boy in the nursery with a stinky and messy bottom?” – Daisy cooed still standing in her firm position looking over at me.

I shook my head no; I couldn’t talk anyway because of the dummy gag I was wearing around my mouth and neck.

“Of course it’s Tommy! I just wanted you to smell it for yourself Daisy, that it’s this widdle boy here, and he really needs his nappy changed; don’t you?” – Catherine cooed at me in a humiliating manner holding my thick spare Cuddlz nappy in her hand.

I stamped my feet with made me look like a toddler having a tantrum.

“Daisy read the little ones one of their naptime stories…then again, bring them over here; it’ll show them that big boys can be big babies and that they too need to wear nappies by their mummies.” – Catherine smiled proudly; showing off her power within her nursery.

Catherine knelt forward and unstrapped my dummy gag…I drooled when it was taken out of my mouth; she then unstrapped my large baby reins and placed them both on top of a side-unit.

“I want you to talk like a toddler in my nursery and in my presence understood? Tommy you’re an equal like the other toddlers, expect for being a bigger version of a toddler; now let’s get this onesie of you and get you into a clean, fresh and cosy nappy yeah?” – Catherine firmly told me as she undressed me.

Daisy walked over with the group of toddlers with their soft toys in their hands laughing at me.

“Here Tommy take this; it’ll calm your anxieties.” – Daisy said giving me a massive brown teddy bear.

“I don’t want it!” – I protested, throwing the teddy bear out of Daisy’s hand across the floor.
“You’ll take it now young man!” – Catherine warned me as she stripped the big blue onesie of me; leaving me in just my messy nappy.

Daisy picked up the teddy and gave it to me. I took it.

“What do you say to Daisy?” – Catherine sternly asked me.

“Thank you Daisy.” – I lightly spoke.

“Thank Daisy like the baby you are; in baby talk!” – Catherine told me; staring me deeply in the eyes.

“Ank ou aisy.” – I said to Daisy feeling like a right idiot.

“You’re welcome; aren’t you a cute baby boy in our nursery?” – Daisy replied in a soft sweet tone to me. I blushed holding my teddy bear.

“Daisy, get me the new changing mat please; this is going to be a long and messy nappy change.” – Catherine sniggered. Daisy went to the end of the nursery to get a large changing mat then placed it behind my back.

“Lie down like a good boy.” – Catherine cooed. I lied back into the soft changing table, holding tight my new cuddly best friend, looking at Daisy and the other toddlers as they watched me getting my messy nappy changed before their eyes.

“Now Tommy, let’s get your bum-bum into a clean nappy.” – Catherine smiled as she tore off the nappy tapes. The smell hit the nursery air…but no-one reacted; I guess it was normal for the nursery staff and toddlers.

Catherine was wiping my bottom with ice cold Huggies baby wipes; Daisy looked down at me; giving me a cute wink as Catherine cleaned my pubeless crotch; my penis was still shrivelled and small.

“You see boys and girls; even big boys have little willies…some of them don’t even grow; like Tommy’s here.” – Catherine giggled. The toddlers laughed out loud; even Daisy did.
After wiping the shit off my bottom and crotch; making me clean and smell of baby wipes; Catherine added a lump of Sudocrem into my bum crack and crotch the smell hit my brain cells and I automatically giggled and drooled from my mouth.

“Turn over baby boy; who’s a good baby for Catherine?” – Catherine cooed I rolled over; exposing my cute, tight bottom to the class. Catherine grabbed the Johnston Baby Powder and sprinkled a huge amount of powder onto my bottom; she then rubbed it in and around my bottom; and bum crack, finishing by patting my bottom a few times.

I rolled back over, then she powdered my tummy and crotch; I smelt fresh and babyish.

“It’s nappy time for baby boy.” – Catherine announced loudly to the class and she unfolded the thick Cuddlz nappy.

“See boys and girls; Tommy needs nappies unlike some of you; who are potty trained and more mature that Tommy here.” – Catherine commented as she slid the nappy underneath my bottom. I started to cry as she nappied me up; tightly.

“There, nappy changed Tommy; now go with Daisy.” – Catherine ordered me.

“Come Tommy; you don’t need your onesie at the moment; you’re going to have a nice long nap within the nursery.” – Daisy cooed as she took my hand. I stood up – or tried to; but I fell onto the floor due to the unknown loss of strength in my legs.

“I guess you’re not old enough to walk…crawl with Daisy!” – Catherine commanded. So I crawled with Daisy. Catherine gathered the toddlers to the corner and started to read them a naptime story.

Daisy led me into a back room…it was a room with a crib!

“No!” – I cried shouting out loud.

“Come on you need a nap. This crib is ready for the new Nursery centre come the New Year.” – Daisy encouraged.

“Please help me; I’m not well, I need to see a doctor Daisy.” – I whispered; not wanting to be overheard by that fat bitch Catherine. Daisy bent forward looking at me.

“Sleep in the school’s new crib for me; and I’ll help you, if not? Then I’ll make sure you’ll get much help from folk…help to engrave your babyhood; understand?” – Daisy whispered giving me an evil grin.

I crawled towards his monstrous crib in just my Cuddlz nappy with the big soft teddy bear one hand. Daisy helped me get in it and she then tucked me in; covering me in a nice thick duvet.

“Have a nice naptime for me; I’ll wake you up when it’s time to get up.” – Daisy giggled.

“…Time for what?” – I asked in a careful whisper not wanting to be overheard from the blonde monster in the nursery.

“You’ll see; now suck on this!” – Daisy said pulling out a NUK 6 red Postman Pat dummy from her nurse uniform into my drooling mouth.

“Go to sleep.” – Daisy commanded as she gave a nice kiss on my forehead. Daisy then locked the top of this babyish crib up: I was trapped. Daisy left this room and turn out the light. I was in the crib holding my teddy tightly; feeling scared; I just wanted to be at home with my mummy and not at school…I cried myself to sleep…but it’s only just the beginning…

This Story is written by Croc

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  1. Jason says:

    How can anyone just let people just treat him so sadistically? Yes, he’s had some wetting problems and some pooping problem, but so what? To humiliate the poor kid about it, I wouldn’t tolerate it without a fight. :(

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