Prisoner-AB1 by Croc – Chapter 4

This Story is written by Croc

The Warden’s Office, HMP Liberty

Joanne Ryder walked into her office alone to greet the Prime Minister.

“Ah, Prime Minister, thank you for turning up on our first day.” – Joanne sarcastically remarked to the leader of the UK with a firm handshake.

“Jo, I’ve got a meeting with the Scottish First Minister about this September’s Scottish Independence election in two hours, I’ll be brief.” – The PM stated as he sat down in a chair opposite the prison governor. Joanne sat in her seat looking directly at the PM.

“Well?” – Joanne bluntly asked.

“This operation is a trial, if proven successful: then you and your staff will get their tax-free bonus. I have an election next May and I don’t want to be the leader of the opposition again, if you know what I mean?” – The PM commented. Joanne nodded her head.

“I can assure you sir, that here at Liberty all is full proof: We’re an island away from British civilisation, no-one knows that Liberty exists.” – Joanne smiled.
“You’re known within the prison world as ‘Smite-Head’, because you take no prisoner’s shit.” – The PM commented firmly.

“That’s right sir, and I can proof to you that these vile thugs will be turned into the most obedient subjects of Her Majesty’s realm. They will never think twice to break the law ever again…even though they won’t be able to think as an adult anyway.” – Joanne smirked at her boss.

“The government tried a similar operation two years ago, about a rich thuggish teenage boy who was sent into the Infantilism program in the midlands. This young boy who was son-and-heir to a great fortune became retarded. It was an example to the yobbish youth over the 2011 England Riots. Liberty is a personal upgrade to that.” – The Prime Minister told Joanne.

“The Infantilism Act 2015 was a failed punishment.” – The Prime Minister commented.

“Why was the Act number 2015 sir?” – Joanne asked.

“Because my political party wanted to mark 2015 as a great year for us, still, 2014 with Liberty might rejoice our election ambitions.” – The PM sighed with optimism.

“Sir, I can promise you that my ladies and I are very dedicated in making a great example with these three vile beasts, and once their transformation is complete: a press public announcement can occur to warn the great British public to not fuck with Law and Order, and the government of the day.” – Joanne rejoiced with arrogance to the PM.

“For your sake, I hope so, because it’ll be my judgement that will be questioned in front of a select committee, and I don’t want to look back on my political career looking back and see Liberty the one and only thing that is smudge. Just like that of my predecessor Mr. Blair with Iraq. Understand Ms. Ryder?” – The PM warned the powerful prison governor.

“I understand sir.” – Joanne firmly replied.

“Good, now I must leave this shit-hole, I won’t return, unless there’s an escape. Remember this operation can-not and must not be exposed to the press, online, or the general public.” – The Prime Minister again warned Joanne as he stood up from his chair.

“Thank you for coming sir.” – Joanne told her boss.

“I want you to turn those vile bastards into a political success for myself and my party for the May 2015 election: the power of medical tools and money from HM Treasury is at your disposal. Good luck Joanne.” – The Prime Minister commented as he left the warden’s office.

Joanne grabbed a case of Whiskey and poured it into a short glass, she picked it up and stared outside her window observing the pissing rain, thinking on what are the next stages for her three prisoners…

This Story is written by Croc .

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One comment on “Prisoner-AB1 by Croc – Chapter 4
  1. Jason says:

    If only our President was like this Prime Minister.

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