Keep your secret safe

Keep your secret safeKeep your secret safe by putting your nappy on in the dark

Text by nappiesandchains and photo by bienen-kind.

Yes make a diaper change in the dark can be a good way to keep your secret safe but it is also hard to do the change when you dont see any thing about what you are doing.

But it look like this boy get every thing right :)

2 thoughts on “Keep your secret safe

  1. For me, the difficult part of wearing diapers (nappies) is reducing the crinkling noise from emanating when I move around. The diapers I usually wear have a plastic outer cover, which I like, because they provide better protection in case of wetting or pooping. The only downside is the crinkling noise they make. Oh well. That’s the price one pays for being incontinent, eh? :)

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