A Study in Diapers A helpful Visual reference

A Study in Diapers A helpful Visual reference

Since I have been doing a lot of AB commissions, I thought it may be useful to make this little handy chart for myself and others….because when someone days “Hey I want them drawn in diapers”….that can mean soooo many things! ;)

Text and drawing made by:

This is a weary nice drawing that shows all kind of diapers and how they could be drawn. Maybe something i can use in the next art order that i do who knows.

6 thoughts on “A Study in Diapers A helpful Visual reference”

  1. I haven’t worn cloth diapers since I was 2 yrs old. I’d give anything to wear again, with plastic pants. :)

  2. While I don’t remember wearing diapers, I do remember wearing training pants, and I actually liked wearing. I don’t remember whether I wore plastic pants over them or not. I would think I would’ve, as my bladder control was still iffy at best. I don’t know why I was out of training pants when I was, as even then, my bladder control wasn’t very good. It’s still rather iffy to this day, which is why I still wear diapers.

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