My first big order of Comficares adult diapers

Today when i get home from work was it a package waiting for me by my front door. It was my order from Comficare that i had revived and like you can see on the photos below no one can figuration that is was diaper inside the package.

comficare 2comficare 1

And like you see the package looks good.

I most say that the design on the diaper package is weary good it dont look like other adult diaper package that is available. I love that they have add a photo of the diaper on the top of the package and on the side and whit some good information about the diaper like how it work and the size of the diaper. And they explain it in a completely new way that make the package more special then a regular diaper package like Tena or Abena and i like that.

Comficare 3Comficare 4

I am thinking about that this diaper maybe is going to be my new night time diaper special because they are especially designed for situations when it is long time between changes.

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