Newsletter from Buntewindel about the new Fabine Exclusiv

Today i receive this interesting newsletter from Buntewindel. So i would like to share the information whit my readers so you dont miss any thing good and interesting.

Dear customers,

today we want to tell you more about our new Fabine Exclusive .

With this new Fabine Exclusive we could improve the absorbance and also the cut.

The Fabine has now become a bit longer. Also, the wearing comfort we could improve significantly.

From the design , we decided to let the new Fabine exclusive look a bit more discreet .

The new and improved suction performance and the storage of the liquid it is particularly suitable for the night time use,

but also on the day the new Fabine by the improved interface and pleasant wearing comfort is a good solution for longer duration ,

where you can not easily change the diaper. For example, while traveling in an airplane , and so on. In any case, you can feel safe with the new Fabine

Exclusive,  no matter where you wear it .

We hope we could meet again some customer requirements with the new Fabine and want to tell you, that we will get a Fabine with one more new design

autumn this year.

Our Fabine Exclusiv has the following specific features:

1. highly absorbent
after practice test on the entire surface approx. 4 l, during wearing  2.5 to 2.7 l

2. additional liquid sharer

3. cute all-over-print outside film

Of course it disposes, as well as other diapers, of great fit, leak guards, front and back waistbands, nicely thickly etc.

The advantage with our diaper is, you need no additional inserts, this saves time and money. Frequent compresses are cancelled.

You will simply love them!
A diaper like the world has not seen yet

You will get the new Fabine Exklusive only from us and  selected partners :

1 – Diaperhaus in Tübingen

2 – ABDL  Factory  in Niederland

3 –  Rearz  in Canada

all other partners don’t sell this new Fabine Exklusiv, but you will get the other Fabine models there.

we will start with the shipping of your orders until 22. April 2014

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