Medline FitRight Super Adult Disposable Briefs

Medline FitRight Super Adult Disposable Briefs

Medline FitRight Super Adult Disposable Briefs promote a discreet, comfortable, garment-like fit meant to enhance patient dignity, mobility and independence. These briefts feature 4D core with odor protection which wicks fluid away quickly to promote dryness and help maintain skin integrity. Soft anti-leak guards reduce leakage and improve containment.

  • Medline FitRight Super Adult Disposable Briefs provide heavy absorbency
  • Skin-safe closures provide secure, safe and repeated refastenability
  • Sensi-Soft cloth-like backsheet provides the ultimate in soft, garment like, natural feel
  • Moisture alert wetness indicator changes color when garment has been soiled
  • Feature hook and loop tape tab

This sounds like an amazing diaper and you can find the diaper on Health Products For You or order them from Amazon. If you are interesting to try this diaper to see how they are and how they work. Wounder how match its 4D core absorb? I have dont find any information about that yet.

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