New Snuggies Diapers – Waddler

Waddlers’ baby print, designed by Vincent Vangoo
Waddlers’ baby print, designed by Vincent Vangoo
Wrap your Adult Baby, or yourself, in Snuggies Diapers. Giving added security to help you be as self confident and comfortable as possible. Waddlers are absorbent enough to last up to 12 hours with up to 67oz capacity. Giving you overnight protection or for long travel occasions by helping absorb even the heaviest wettings. Plus the Waddlers’ baby print, designed by Vincent Vangoo, allows you to let the inner child out.

The sizes that will be available is medium (32-36) and large (36-44)

In this moment i dont know when the diaper is going to be release but you can check out this website for more information:

This is going to be a nice diaper to try and i wounder if they are going to release some more abdl printed diaper? Or maybe some other adult baby product to?

I love the backside of this diaper that is going to give you a really cute baby butt look :)

I am planing to place a order when this diaper is released.

7 thoughts on “New Snuggies Diapers – Waddler

  1. In case anyone was interested, this website is selling snuggies diaper samples and packs. Apparently you can build your own sample packs and choose from a lot of cool brands like snuggies diapers, abena, molicare, tena slip maxi plastic backed, DC Amor, Bambino, and more!. Just a friendly suggestion though. :)

  2. Yes My name is Bryan. and Im excited about your new diaper product. I will back you up on it. Just some positive feedback from my part. What I love in an adult diaper is absorbentcy for one. I love plastic backed diapers because that is what I wore, well lets just say past the age of four. I love baby printed diapers. It makes it fun to wear for both daytime and nighttime use. Im sure your product will do fine I will look for it. Just one more thing that you might want to consider at sometime is using one huge tape for each side of your diapers it is possible. I have seen it in some baby printed adult diapers and brlieve it awsome. Also you might want to consider a baby cent to your diapers it sure helps. A lot of adults like diapers that are thick and plastic backed. That is the way diapers should be. If there is anything I can do to help you market your new diaper just email me. I will be more than willing to help you. I love baby looking diapers and good baby products. Its a new world out there. I should go into the marketing field myself for adult baby products. It is one thing. I like to do.
    Sincerely, Bryan Philip Walls

  3. Bryan,

    Recently got a pack in. Absorbancy is pretty good, about on par with regular Bambinos. Plastic is a bit on the thin side, but it no rips in the back yet. The tapes are much wider than Bambinos, which is good. Tho I do agree on the one tape idea like ABU uses.

    However, I have to disagree on the baby scent. Thats what baby powder is for. The “added” scent that ABU tries to add, or the perfume bottles is WAY TOO strong. Baby powder is much gentler and softer, the way a baby type should smell.

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